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Werther Veulemans

Werther Veulemans


The real life Belgian candy. Loves Life to Discover!

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Werther Veulemans
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    Dicas recentes de Werther
    "Absurdly good! Amazing flavor balance. Creative usage of conveying the story of the chef. There is a vision that is reinforced with a bomb of flavors. Very much recommended! ⭐️"
    Werther VeulemansWerther Veulemans · Dezembro 25, 2021
    Europeu Moderno
    · Gante, Bélgica
    "Beautiful, calm and peaceful little town. Good for disconnecting and distressing from the modern world 🌎"
    Werther VeulemansWerther Veulemans · Dezembro 18, 2021
    Cidade Pequena
    · Holanda
    "Amazing hospitality! Lovely and relaxing vibes, don’t forget to use and sign up for Marriott Bonvoy to claim your points! As well an amazing restaurant at the beach!"
    Werther VeulemansWerther Veulemans · Novembro 20, 2021
    · عجمان, Emirados Árabes Unidos
    "Great for churros 🇲🇽"
    Werther VeulemansWerther Veulemans · Outubro 29, 2021
    · Dubai, Emirados Árabes Unidos
    "Flavor of burger is fine. I got the B&B burger with 14h slow braised beef brisket and wagyu patty and their signature bbq sauce. I only missed a more prominent sour touch to break the rich flavor! 🍔"
    Werther VeulemansWerther Veulemans · Setembro 24, 2021
    · Dubai, Emirados Árabes Unidos
    "Japanese winner! Perfect balances in flavors for the ramens! Gyoza and any other meat is just overly tender and succulent. Loved it! 🇯🇵"
    Werther VeulemansWerther Veulemans · Agosto 20, 2021
    · Dubai, Emirados Árabes Unidos