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Foursquare é uma empresa de tecnologia que usa localização inteligente para criar experiências de consumo e soluções de negócios significativas.

For consumers, we believe the world is full of amazing experiences. We make two apps to help guide you to them: Foursquare City Guide and Foursquare Swarm.

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The Foursquare City Guide app helps you discover new places, with recommendations from a community you trust. Find a better experience, anywhere in the world.

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Checking in on Foursquare Swarm makes a game of life: score every day with real-world perks and bragging rights, like being crowned the Mayor. Stay connected to your inner explorer, be truly aware of life’s journey, and have more fun along the way. Live your life more checked in.

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Our location intelligence technology helps brands to locate, message and measure their own consumers.

Para desenvolvedores e empresas, o Foursquare oferece tecnologia e dados hospedados para criar aplicativos inteligentes segundo o contexto, conscientes do local. A tecnologia Foursquare’s Places fornece dados de locais para Apple, Uber, Twitter, Microsoft, Samsung e 100.000 outros desenvolvedores.

Foursquare’s business solutions also include Pinpoint by Foursquare, Attribution by Foursquare and Place Insights by Foursquare, allowing brands to understand and connect to targeted audiences as well as measure foot traffic and advertising success. For more information, go to

Nos orgulhamos de sermos financiados por Union Square Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, DFJ Growth, Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners e outros.

Pelos números:

Community: More than 50 million people use Foursquare City Guide and Foursquare Swarm each month, across desktop, mobile web, and mobile apps. We recently surpassed more than 10 billion check-ins, and see an average of 9 million check-ins a day on Foursquare Swarm.

Plataforma: mais de 93 milhões de locais formam o mapa de negócios no mundo.

Employees: More than 200 people between headquarters in New York and offices in San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles, and teams in Atlanta, Detroit, London and Shanghai.