Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Elm and Carlton St, Buffalo, NY 14263
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Since 1898, our multidisciplinary teams have been leading the way in setting quality standards for cancer care, prevention, research and education.

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19 dicas

As pessoas conversam sobre:

  • "... located inside the cafeteria on the 1st floor (right near where you check out)...." (2 dicas)
  • "The cafeteria on the 1st floor has an awesome salad bar." (2 dicas)
  • "The asiago bagels are the best snack while waiting for the..." (1 dica)
  • Lisa S.

    Every Wednesday 11-2pm The Roaming Buffalo is parked at the corner of Virginia and Elm Street.

    Lisa S. · Novembro 19, 2011
  • Elizabeth S.

    The volunteers here are absolutely wonderful. From the check into the coffee and crafts cart to the people playing music. Kind, upbeat and welcoming staff, too

    Elizabeth S. · Janeiro 23, 2013
  • Maria Z.

    The moment you step onto the campus, you realize you are in a very special place.

    Maria Z. · Julho 2, 2013
  • Nicholas B.

    The cafeteria on the 1st floor has an awesome salad bar.

    Nicholas B. · Janeiro 31, 2012
  • Heidi O.

    Be sure to check out the Cancer Resource Center, located inside the cafeteria on the 1st floor (right near where you check out). Lots of info, resources, and patients can even borrow laptops! Leia mais

    Heidi O. · Junho 23, 2010
  • Don B.

    Check out the graphics in the airways bridge. Installed by me ;)

    Don B. · Maio 22, 2012
  • Laurel D.

    If you're a patient at Roswell Park, make sure you register for Our community created with our patients and caregivers in mind.

    Laurel D. · Fevereiro 16, 2011
  • T M.

    Chicken wing soup is awesome :)

    T M. · Setembro 18, 2013
  • Christine G.

    Great cafeteria! Love the piano playing and loved how they come around to waiting areas offering coffee.

    Christine G. · Agosto 21, 2012
  • Amy C.

    Go see leon in bloodwork. He's awesome.

    Amy C. · Junho 8, 2011
  • Adrian R.

    Giving blood here is more satisfying than giving it to the back of a hammer.

    Adrian R. · Junho 9, 2010
  • Melanie B.

    The asiago bagels are the best snack while waiting for the doctor

    Melanie B. · Outubro 21, 2012
  • Christopher S.

    Bring a warm jacket because it's always freezing here!!

    Christopher S. · Maio 1, 2012
  • Sandy A.

    As much as this is the place to be for cancer, the wait for information is grueling

    Sandy A. · Agosto 27, 2011
  • Jae R.

    The nursed here are phenomenal. Most doctors are amazing, some could use a refresher course on cultural competency

    Jae R. · Maio 21, 2011
  • Amanda L.

    Paul in phlebotomy is wonderful!

    Amanda L. · Dezembro 14, 2010
  • Anjali K.

    Cafeteria is A OK!

    Anjali K. · Agosto 19, 2013
  • Stephanie E.

    Most of the food is decent.

    Stephanie E. · Julho 16, 2013
  • Ron L.

    Dont get cancer

    Ron L. · Fevereiro 13, 2013

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