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Pau Oquendo

Pau Oquendo


I'm into whatever, as long as I get to drive, bike or dive.

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  • Makati City
  • Quezon City
  • Tagbilaran City
  • Cyberjaya
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Hong Kong
  • Putrajaya
  • Mandaluyong City
  • Panglao
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As principais cidades de Pau
Makati City
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Quezon City
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Tagbilaran City
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Kuala Lumpur
4 Dicas
Hong Kong
2 Dicas
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Mandaluyong City
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Pau Oquendo
7 locais atualizados Julho 20, 2016
7 lugares incluindo Kanto Freestyle Breakfast, Mad Mark’s Creamery and Good Eats, Rue Bourbon, Kanto Freestyle Breakfast
Pau Oquendo
9 locais atualizados
9 lugares incluindo Magellan's Cross, St Anne's Church, Mang Larry's Isawan, Route 196
Pau Oquendo
16 locais atualizados
16 lugares incluindo Laguna Mabuhay Restaurant, The Narra Filipino Resto Lounge, Azmi scooters, Cocoy Mami Pares Steaks & Chops
    Dicas recentes de Pau
    "Staff at the bathroom and staff that helps putting luggage in the conveyor will ask for tips. Security personel are extremely rude and very unprofessional."
    Pau OquendoPau Oquendo · Junho 1
    · Heliópolis, Egito
    "There are lots of local hagglers inside that will offer themselves as solo tour guides and will ask hefty payment after. Do not talk to these 'fake' employees."
    Pau OquendoPau Oquendo · Maio 27
    Patrimônio Histórico
    · Luxor, Egito
    "You'll need a huge amount of patience (and humility) before coming here. I suggest downloading the visa application form online and filling it up as well."
    Pau OquendoPau Oquendo · Maio 3
    · Kuala Lumpur, Malásia
    "Nothing much on food variety. I've been to a lot of buffets and I must say this is one that has least variety. However, the food is quite excellent and the staffs are helpful and well trained."
    Pau OquendoPau Oquendo · Agosto 21, 2017
    Restaurante Self-Service
    · Putrajaya, Malásia
    "A "rollercoaster within a 360 dome shaped theater" featuring a Star Wars themed environment will surely bedazzle Star Wars fans (and non-fans). Not for the faint-hearted, be sure to try this ride!"
    Pau OquendoPau Oquendo · Junho 27, 2017
    Parque Temático
    · Penny's Bay, Hong Kong
    "A very convenient and truly fun transportation. There are only 2 stations: Main Street USA (southern most near the entrance) and Fantasyland (nothern most). Do let your kids miss this "ride"."
    Pau OquendoPau Oquendo · Junho 27, 2017
    Parque Temático
    · Victoria, Hong Kong