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  • 9.6

    Lighthouse (SNFCC)

    Galeria de Arte Evripidou Αττική, Αττική

    As pessoas também comentam (6 dicas):

    • Fer N.
      Fer Nando: "Amazing viewes from Athens, great place to enjoy minimalist architecture."
  • 9.5


    Sanduicheria Βείκου 41 Atenas, Αττική

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    • TT
      TT: "I knew that food was a gift when I bit into my black ciabatta roast beef goats cheese mustard eggplant mushroom & spiced apple chutney sandwich. this tastes so much better than skinny feels!"
  • 9.4

    Της Θεάτρου Το Στέκι

    Café Grego 7 Theatrou St Atenas, Αττική

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    • Lou L.
      Lou Lou: "Everything is great and extermely great value. Small meze type plate with different choices ( including meat or fish) for 3 euros or a larger one for 5. Fantastic!"
  • 9.4


    Cafeteria Άγγελου Πυρρή 3 Atenas, Αττική

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    • Vasiliki G.
      Vasiliki G: "Ampelokipoi is not the first place that crosses your mind for a night out on the town. Espressaki, though, is a cosy place that makes you feel like home. Friendly staff, nice music, good prices."
  • 9.5


    Sorveteria Λεωφ. Πεντέλης 139 Χαλάνδρι, Αττική

    As pessoas também comentam (30 dicas):

    • Vana R.
      Vana R: "So lucky it opened in our neighbourhood! Amazing creams, rice pudding, yoghurt Ice cream..everything is perfect!"
  • 9.7

    Stavros Niarchos Park

    Parque Δέλτα Φαλήρου Kallithea, Αττική

    As pessoas também comentam (29 dicas):

    • Βίκυ Σ.
      Βίκυ Σίμου: "Excellent place for walks, sports or chill out! Also lots of activities for everyone! A great place, don't miss the opera and library!"

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  • 9.6

    Herod Atticus Odeon

    Patrimônio Histórico Διονυσίου Αρεοπαγίτου Atenas, Αττική

    As pessoas também comentam (93 dicas):

    • Jean L.
      Jean Lima Masumoto: "Lindo local, infelizmente não havia apresentações nos dias que fiquei, mostra a grandiosidade da cultura grega."
    • Visit Greece
      Visit Greece: "Herod Atticus built this roofed Odeon (in 161 B.C.) for music concerts in honor of his wife Regilla, after her death. Its magic and beauty, can only be understood when walking on the way to Acropolis."
  • 9.5


    Gourmet Δημητρίου Βασιλείου 1 Νέο Ψυχικό, Αττική

    As pessoas também comentam (56 dicas):

    • She
      She: "Attentive and very service oriented staff, one of the best coffees, and fresh and good quality dry fruits, nuts and chocolates. Also very nicely presented, perfect for gifts."
    • Kyriakos G.
      Kyriakos G. 🍺 🍔: "You will find it difficult, not be pulled in by the smells from the freshly brewed coffee and the dry nuts and fruits. The handmade chocolate and nougat are perfect!"
  • 9.5


    Joalheria Κολοκοτρώνη 34 Αθήνα, Αττική

    As pessoas também comentam (15 dicas):

    • Μαρίνα Θεανώ Κ.
      Μαρίνα Θεανώ Κάτσαρη: "Όμορφο εργαστήρι,κοσμήματα διαφορετικά & εκλεπτυσμένα. Καλές τιμές,ευφάνταστα σχέδια & καλά υλικά. Πολύ ευγενική η ιδιοκτήτρια. Αξίζει να στηριχτεί!"
    • Lina K.
      Lina Kastriti: "Πανέμορφα κοσμήματα ελληνικής προέλευσης! Στα συν η ευγένεια και η εξυπηρέτηση!"

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