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Cole Kennedy

Cole Kennedy


This is how I tell you I'm a foodie without, y'know, using the word "foodie."

New York, NY · Superuser icon?Nível Superusuário 8
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As principais cidades de Cole
New York
11 Listas criadas! · 90 Dicas
9 Listas criadas! · 64 Dicas
2 Listas criadas! · 26 Dicas
1 Lista criada · 21 Dicas
3 Listas criadas! · 8 Dicas
2 Listas criadas! · 7 Dicas
2 Listas criadas! · 6 Dicas
1 Lista criada · 6 Dicas
New Orleans
2 Listas criadas! · 3 Dicas
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Listas recentes de Cole
Cole Kennedy
8 locais atualizados Maio 31, 2019
8 lugares incluindo P Franco, Hackney Coffee Company, LARDO, Ottolenghi
Cole Kennedy
8 locais atualizados Maio 9, 2019
All of the places that reinforced my love affair with Sweden.
Cole Kennedy
1 locais atualizados Junho 10, 2019
I should spend more time here.
Cole Kennedy
7 locais atualizados Novembro 6, 2018
There are restaurants you love, and good restaurants, but there are some places that just lodge themselves so deeply in your memory that nothing compares. These are mine, in no particular order.
Cole Kennedy
4 locais atualizados Outubro 28, 2018
I went there exactly once, so.
Cole Kennedy
0 locais atualizados Julho 17, 2018
Four days in October. Go!
    Dicas recentes de Cole
    "Good place to hang with a few beers and eat on the sidewalk patio when it’s nice out, or inside at the bar when it’s not."
    Cole KennedyCole Kennedy · 1 semana atrás
    · Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos
    "I had two very good slices of pizza that I’m glad are around the corner from me. I wouldn’t travel from another neighborhood to come, though."
    Cole KennedyCole Kennedy · 1 semana atrás
    · Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos
    "A true and good dive bar. You want cheap beer and cheap food of questionable origin? Come inside the windowless door."
    Cole KennedyCole Kennedy · 1 semana atrás
    · Marblehead, Estados Unidos
    "I don’t know why they changed from Atomic. It’s the same coffee and food, with cheesier branding."
    Cole KennedyCole Kennedy · 1 semana atrás
    · Marblehead, Estados Unidos
    "Bubble tea isn’t my jam to begin with, but this place feels like everything wrong with Instagram-driven trends."
    Cole KennedyCole Kennedy · 2 semanas atrás
    Casa de Chá
    · Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos
    "I walked by here a million times before stopping in. On a summer evening after work, with the windows open, it’s a perfect happy hour. The “Double Burger” is like a Big Mac with actual burger patties."
    Cole KennedyCole Kennedy · 2 semanas atrás
    · Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos