Webster Hall

Webster Hall

Casa de Shows, Casa Noturna e Espaço de Eventos
Greenwich Village, Nova Iorque
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  • Claudio S.
    Claudio SantosJunho 18, 2013
    Quero, um dia, poder dizer às pessoas que nada foi em vão. Que o AMOR existe, que vale a pena se doar às pessoas, que a vida é bela sim, e que eu sempre dei o melhor de mim e que valeu a pena!
  • ✨Kelsey✨
    ✨Kelsey✨Julho 28, 2015
  • Concert Ticket Agency
    Concert Ticket AgencySetembro 10, 2012
    From Al Capone to Amanda Palmer! Since 1886 it's hosted great live music, legendary parties and superb Broadway cast recordings. Catch a killer show here and see if the walls really do talk...
  • Deb
    DebJunho 28, 2016
    Love catching a show at the Studio.
  • Party Earth
    Party EarthJunho 15, 2012
    Cover charges can run as high as $30, but with that you get access to every room in the club. If you’re worried about it, you can get ten bucks off by buying tickets in advance. Leia mais
  • Jason S.
    Jason SchulweisJulho 20, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Convenient and massive (and great bc they house multiple acts on the same night due to the different floors/rooms. Great acts come through! And try to see someone on the rise in the Studio
  • Compass
    CompassJulho 24, 2013
    The two-story venue has a wrap-around balcony and huge floor space that provides great views from every angle. Dance parties dominate the basement, while bigger names take over the main stage.
  • Mitch G.
    Mitch GurowitzNovembro 16, 2013
    Went to a Bowery Presents show and was very pleased to see that the bands started on time! So I know in the future I can comfortably see shows there and be home at a reasonable hour.
  • Matt A.
    Matt AbbruzzeseOutubro 11, 2015
    Extremely hospitable, kind staff in VIP section (no, VIP areas don't always have great service!). Separate bar and VIP-only bathrooms certainly come in handy!
  • Chris R.
    Chris RaghoobarNovembro 22, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    One of my favorite venues in the whole city, as well as the studio downstairs. Excellent sound, great vibes and atmosphere. One of the best places to see great concerts.
  • Ajay C.
    Ajay ChopraJaneiro 11, 2012
    this has many floors! and you can definitely get lost here! there is all kinds of music and kinds of crowds. If want to explore different types of music then this is the place to get a glimpse!
  • Jackie N.
    Jackie NapalanAbril 6, 2016
    Younger crowd since it's a 19+ venue. Best EDM artists here. Several floors with more open space. Security is tight. Sign up on their guest list the week prior to the event. Always a good time here.
  • EchoDA
    EchoDAJaneiro 15, 2012
    this has many floors! and you can definitely get lost here! there is all kinds of music and different crowds. If want to explore different types of music then this is the place to get a glimpse!
  • C 4.
    C 4Outubro 25, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Get sweaty and rock the fuck out to some massive beats. Ladies: do yourself a favor and wear closed-toed shoes & leave the heels at home. You will get stepped on. Everyone does.
  • Roc Nation
    Roc NationJunho 16, 2011
    Beautiful venue with 3 floors of crazy music and a different scene on each floor. They even roll out the red carpet for guests and you can’t walk more than 10 ft. without seeing a bar! Leia mais
  • Metin
    MetinJunho 21, 2016
    I came here a few times and it's a place where mostly 17-21 year olds hang out. Concert nights are great, it might seem really small but it's actually more fun than it looks.
  • Cole K.
    Cole KennedyAbril 28, 2015
    One of my favorite NYC rock clubs. Relatively cheap beer, laid back and friendly staff, and intimate atmosphere. What more could you ask for?
  • Ilissa G.
    Ilissa GilmoreSetembro 14, 2016
    Not a bad venue. Unlike some places, I could hear the mic pretty well. A tallboy of Tecate was $8 here; at Rough Trade it's $5. But this is a bigger place, more space. I'd come back.
  • Dianna H.
    Dianna H.Outubro 16, 2012
    Don't worry... You're not THAT drunk. The floor actually bounces! Also, the drinks are pretty pricey so it's worth grabbing a few beforehand. It gets pretty crowded on the floor so pack light!
  • Craig A.
    Craig AustinFevereiro 19, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    One of the better places to see a medium-sized show in NYC. Studio downstairs is even better.
  • The Corcoran Group
    The Corcoran GroupAgosto 1, 2013
    One of our favorite places to catch live music. Come here ready to dance and party all night long!
  • Amalia R.
    Amalia Rivas RuizDezembro 5, 2015
    One of the most amazing places I have been in N.Y.Full of history, incredible ambient and music.
  • CMJ
    CMJAgosto 29, 2012
    At one point in time you could have seen labor rallies, weddings, and lectures at Webster Hall. It's now established on New York's live music circuit, and a staple for CMJ Music Marathon attendees.
  • Marc M.
    Marc MayerAbril 4, 2015
    A well-booked venue. Waiting out front can, on occasion, be like a carnival haunted house. Instead of ghouls, it's 21 year old girls shrieking at each other about being cool and whose dad is richer.
  • Emmy G.
    Emmy GeraghtyJunho 29, 2013
    If you're going to dance, the music is good- but you WILL get unexpectedly grinded on, ladies. Also try to get in with a promoter because its not even close to being worth the 30 dollar cover.
  • Amber G.
    Amber GardnerAbril 6, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Watch out for an Italian guy named Phil. Early 20s, diamond stud in left ear, cracked iPhone (though prob not anymore), from LI. He's at Webster Hall every Saturday and likes to steal girls' phones!
  • Gabrielle G.
    Gabrielle GrudzaNovembro 26, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    My favorite venue in New York! I always have a good time here, been coming for years for concerts and club nights.
  • EchoDA
    EchoDAFevereiro 17, 2012
    Madonna has performed here, a cool place to get lost and enjoy trance, club, salsa and a variety of other music throughout this huge club.. we still believe one of the largest in nyc
  • Stephanie P.
    Stephanie P.Abril 7, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    For a popular band or artist get here a few hours early if you really want to be up front by the main stage. Rabid music fans don't play :). Also, gets drinks elsewhere - PBR shouldn't be $9!!
  • Alison T.
    Alison TarwaterOutubro 14, 2014
    Webster Hall gets great acts, which is unfortunate since the crowd is full of high schoolers, the lines and security are a pain in the ass, and the acoustics aren't great.
  • Lindsay T.
    Lindsay ToussaintFevereiro 1, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Each stage here is great. New sound system is fantastic, but definitely bring ear plugs - especially for downstairs!
  • Toph A.
    Toph AllenSetembro 5, 2014
    I'm just a fan in general of places with gender-neutral restrooms—even if it is a byproduct of New York's insane space constraints.
  • Vivian V.
    Vivian VoMarço 23, 2015
    So this was my first time having a table here as it def makes the experience better esp. when it's an all ages event..
  • Ashley K.
    Ashley KodyaOutubro 24, 2011
    Cavity search at the door and the main stage floor feels like its to to cave in yet it's where I've had some of my favorite nights and seen the most amazing sets. Also Alex English rules!
  • Turan Y.
    Turan YurdakulSetembro 21, 2014
    Best night club in New York! All floors are incredibly enjoyable with the best rap and R&B songs. Right choice for having fun!
  • DJ Times
    DJ TimesJulho 26, 2013
    Now known as Webster Hall, "The Ritz" was one of the first clubs to incorporate video screens into the club experience in the '80s. Sonic Youth, Soundgarden, and GnR all played early gigs here.
  • summer d.
    summer daidoneAbril 27, 2015
    Concerts here are pretty cool. There are 3 different levels so 3 different shows can be going on at one time.
  • Jessica P.
    Jessica PlacenciaJunho 17, 2015
    It all depends on who you see/who's playing. Some nights are classy. Some nights are ratchet. Water is $5 but beer is cheap
  • Joe M.
    Joe M.Outubro 24, 2014
    One of the best concert venues in the City. Both upstairs and downstairs are ideal spots for a show.
  • UpOut Events
    UpOut EventsMarço 10, 2016
    Wolfgang Gartner will be in NYC this weekend and he comes ready to party. The Grammy-nominated producer will only be here one night at Webster Hall so make sure to catch it. Sat, 3/12, $25. Leia mais
  • Jeff P.
    Jeff PetrielloNovembro 17, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    My favorite part is how the floor feels like it's going to cave in when the beat drops.
  • Janice T.
    Janice TaylorNovembro 6, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Best spot to watch a gig at the Marlin Room is from the left hand side.
  • Victoria M.
    Victoria MenichettiDezembro 7, 2013
    On Fri 7/6/12 they were shut down because someone got stabbed! My friend made it thru the security check with a huge pocket knife in his pocket! They're too busy taking girls bras off the find drugs..
  • Qello
    QelloMaio 2, 2012
    Home of Indie Acts and Legends alike, Webster hall often doubles as a real-life night club featuring cover-charged theme parties and big-name DJ sets.
  • Niku A.
    Niku AzamMarço 21, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Great multi level venue with a big sound system.
  • Dana S.
    Dana Sutton-LongJaneiro 13, 2013
    The coat check costs $6 per piece. So, if you want to avoid dropping all your cash, just come in bike shorts and nipple tassles.
  • Charlotte S.
    Charlotte ScarfNovembro 30, 2016
    Fun for dancing but they pack em in tight. Lots of waiting, to get in, for gig to start, to get a drink etc
  • JM P.
    JM ParveauxAbril 3, 2015
    One of the best sound system for a music venue in the city
  • Chet M.
    Chet ManciniNovembro 17, 2014
    Sound and lighting is just not that great here. Acoustic sets are perfect though.
  • Laura G.
    Laura GormanAbril 15, 2016
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    gets crowded, someone told me to get the VIP package and you can sit upstairs for 80 dollars, never did that though
  • Ignacio F.
    Ignacio FinolMarço 27, 2012
    Come for the concerts, leave as soon as you notice the creepy men standing in the corners. (3 of 4 petals via Fondu) Leia mais
  • Clément S.
    Clément SchererMarço 11, 2013
    Awsome Kavinsky show but overcrowded, anyway great experience!!
  • Emily V.
    Emily Van MeterJulho 22, 2012
    Make sure you come with enough alcohol already in your system to make you dance. Drink prices are steep.
  • Amber T.
    Amber TsaiSetembro 16, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    New sound system ♡ Some nights, the open bar VIP section is worth it for the draaaanks.
  • Sharon T.
    Sharon TsaoMarço 23, 2017
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Gets crowded on weekends when there's a big DJ, and floor is always sticky
  • iStandard
    iStandardAgosto 16, 2012
    Great place to be! make sure to tip the bartenders and thank them for having us!
  • Pat P.
    Pat PattersonDezembro 19, 2016
    OVER-SERVING OF ALCOHOL. Be careful. Went here with my girlfriend and she got kicked in the face by a drunk girl who crowdsurfed forward in a crowd 5 times without being removed.
  • Jordan W.
    Jordan WunderNovembro 15, 2012
    Great venue but bartenders have overcharged my card the last three times I've been here. Beware if you put your card down.
  • Rachel G.
    Rachel GDezembro 15, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Oh man! Can we talk about the crowd wandering beer sales guy. So annoying., distracting, it just pisses me off. This is not a sports game!
  • Soyun J.
    Soyun JeeJaneiro 23, 2016
    Saved by the 90s! The DJ gets annoying because he won't shut up, but other than that, super fun times.
    HISTORYAbril 10, 2010
    Built in 1886, you could hear anarchist Emma Goldman speak one night & on another night attend a society function for New York’s elite. Rumors persist that it was once owned by Al Capone.
  • Ashley R.
    Ashley RoseSetembro 9, 2015
    Use the app Bandsintown to keep track of whose coming through to all the local venues
  • StageBuddy
    StageBuddyFevereiro 12, 2013
    If you forgot to bring a mask to the Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball fear not, they will be for sale inside. Leia mais
  • Rake
    RakeOutubro 19, 2011
    Wait for the beer man to come thru. $8 at the bar or $5 from the vendor. Both 12oz. Vendor is cash only.
  • Paul Y.
    Paul YanJunho 10, 2012
    wwaaayyyyyy over-priced everything, crowds of bratty kids, & good luck trying to get your stuff from coat check. always a line.
  • aneessa s.
    aneessa steilenAgosto 16, 2015
    Great 90s show on Fridays! RSVP online and arrive before midnight for free entry and 2-4-1 drinks.
  • Jackie M.
    Jackie MucilliDezembro 4, 2015
    Love this place for shows but the gender neutral bathrooms are kind of annoying.
  • Chelsea Mae H.
    Chelsea Mae HassmanSetembro 16, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    There is a single stall bathroom upstairs on stage left. This knowledge is clutch. Trust me.
  • Elizabeth L.
    Elizabeth LovejoyJunho 12, 2012
    If you are in VIP, you will need to get a place by the rail early otherwise you will be sitting near the stinking bathroom for the entire show.
  • Gabriel H.
    Gabriel HayesAgosto 11, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Really enjoy checking out hip-hop acts at The Studio. Has a great vibe.
  • STN Pelevision N.
    STN Pelevision NewsMaio 20, 2015
    Ola Hawatmeh Dazzles The Crowd At The Olastyle Fashion Talent Show At The Webster Hall In The Marlin Ballroom.
  • Neal W.
    Neal WilliamsDezembro 1, 2014
    The dancing, DJs, everything!
  • Patrick B.
    Patrick BaskinNovembro 7, 2014
    Marlin room: small & intimate venue, annoying you can hear the bass from the adjacent concert room though
  • Stephanie S.
    Stephanie S.Outubro 30, 2011
    A bit disappointed celebrating Halloween here. Hiphop floor was probably best to dance in, but was ridiculously packed and hot. Other floors included house and trance, which had more space.
  • David W.
    David WeinbergerNovembro 28, 2014
    Big names come here all the time, check their calendar often!
  • Ian M.
    Ian McAdoreyDezembro 18, 2016
    Drink prices are really farfetched... 2 red bulls for $12 but 2 redbull vodkas (house vodka too) was $40? "That escalated quickly"
  • Anastasia E.
    Anastasia EnotSetembro 14, 2014
    The sound is not great and overall this place is too mainstream. But is rather big and bassment Saturdays can be fun sometimes.
  • TODAY Show
    TODAY ShowMaio 20, 2010
    Known as a concert hall for up and coming as well as established acts. It was once a venue for Broadway cast recordings.
  • Roly G.
    Roly Gomez PuellesMarço 6, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    one of the best places to see underground up and coming DJ/Producers
  • Alex D.
    Alex DamashekMaio 7, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 50 vezes!
    House Party every Thursday with Just Blaze is the best hip-hop party in NYC.
  • Devonta
    DevontaJulho 7, 2015
    The music is better on the second floor. Much louder.
  • Elevine B.
    Elevine BergeSetembro 8, 2014
    Plenty of good shows, always a swell time! Photo from Coco Rosie
  • Drew
    DrewOutubro 25, 2012
    Waited EIGHT songs for the bartender to give me his attention. EIGHT. Beware the long-haired, male bartender facing the stage. He's only interested in serving women.
  • Decibel Magazine
    Decibel MagazineDezembro 31, 2010
    Used to be the legendary Ritz back in the 1980’s now with a new name it still brings a good amount of metal shows through it’s doors
  • Karissa D.
    Karissa DurlerJunho 11, 2015
    It's okay for a regular concert. For the club stuff, the crowds are really terrible. I get sad when someone I like plays here. Hit up the Studio for a better atmosphere.
  • mystady.com (A-C)
    mystady.com (A-C)Maio 14, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Ladies and gents remember to tip the coat check people. Nobody wants to be handed sweaty pieces of cardboard at the end of the night.
  • HashtagNYU
    HashtagNYUJulho 7, 2016
    Attend a party here. Make sure to dress up, and make sure you're at least 19 years old.
  • Karen S.
    Karen StephensNovembro 12, 2016
    Digable Planets put on a solid show. The best part was watching the sound guy feeling it.
  • Tommy B.
    Tommy BRJunho 10, 2011
    amazing electro shows. great crowd every time i have been. just plain historic NYC
  • Ben G.
    Ben GaspariniAgosto 14, 2016
    Fun place for concerts and drinking club style.
  • Stephanie P.
    Stephanie P.Janeiro 17, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Pretty good place to enjoy a concert, as a club it's a pretty awful scene...unless you're into that sorta thing :-/.
  • Zack P.
    Zack PMarço 3, 2012
    great venue as always but 19 age limit makes for a young crowd.
  • Daniel H.
    Daniel HakimiJulho 10, 2015
    I went to a great The Cat Empire show here. The floor shook a bit, but it held up.
  • Melody G.
    Melody GambinoOutubro 16, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Get in Thursdays for Just Blaze who spins an amazing set week after week
  • Trudy L.
    Trudy LDezembro 3, 2014
    Great music 🎶. Obnoxious crowd.
  • John B.
    John BogannamAgosto 4, 2013
    I can't be the only one who's genuinely concerned when the floor starts to move up and down like a trampoline.
  • Gabriel H.
    Gabriel HayesAgosto 11, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    A classic music venue in NYC. Must see a concert here at some point.
  • Daan V.
    Daan V.Outubro 24, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Don't spend your money at the bar (8 dollar PBRs??) - save it for the guy who does his rounds with $5 cans.
  • Juan Manuel B.
    Juan Manuel BaglivoAbril 12, 2013
    Los sabados explota, de los mejores boliches que fui en toda mi vida.
  • HashtagNYU
    HashtagNYUNovembro 30, 2012
    Essential NYU: Attend a party here. Make sure to dress up, and make sure you're at least 19 years old.
  • Nhật M.
    Nhật MinhDezembro 2, 2015
    Great!!!! enjoy fresh brick oven pizza in the side bar. Leia mais
  • DJ Club Network
    DJ Club NetworkJaneiro 29, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    If you were here for Dada Life on 1/27 take a look at our massive photo gallery! http://djcn.com/photos
  • cheena j.
    cheena jainMarço 20, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    it can be douchebag central for those free nights. so be careful. but for ticketed concerts, it's 50/50...
  • Giovanni D.
    Giovanni D'PalmaMarço 15, 2015
    Great local concert spot!
  • Lola M.
    Lola MartinezJunho 11, 2010
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Make sure to come pretty much naked....... It was a sweatbox for Body and Soul which was a damn shame, cause the music was so good!
  • Ian Q.
    Ian QuinonesJulho 21, 2013
    Loved it the festival was awesome!!!!
  • Fidel G.
    Fidel GomezJunho 20, 2012
    If attending a rap concert, get ready to be pushed and watch your back! Anything goes!
  • Maru S.
    Maru ShilovaSetembro 25, 2014
    Эм...если кто-то из тех, кто может понять этот пост, будет в этом месте, то знайте, что гардероб стоит 6$, тогда как билет на мероприятие всего лишь 12$)) wtf?)
  • Lauren R.
    Lauren RomaoMarço 21, 2017
    Go see live music
  • Staci
    StaciAbril 21, 2012
    Having an established, touring band end by 10:30pm on a Friday for some DJed dance party makes me hope I never have to go here again!
  • Melissa R.
    Melissa RosenthalJulho 3, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Great place for shows. Never disappointed.
  • Carmen d.
    Carmen da SilvaAgosto 15, 2011
    Check their website, they occassionally offer free shows with RSVP and entrance before 12am. Leia mais
  • Hiroki M.
    Hiroki MurakamiJaneiro 11, 2014
    You're going to get better service getting an anal probe from the TSA. Customer service here is kind of like getting punched in the face. Also have fun paying $6 for a glass of water.
  • Nicky D.
    Nicky DigitalOutubro 29, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 100 vezes!
    Check out your picture on NickyDigital.com tomorrow morning! (if the party gets crazy it may not be up till the afternoon)
  • Gabriel H.
    Gabriel HayesAgosto 11, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Has some great live music but the crowds tend to be younger.
  • NYLON + Starbucks Summer Music Tour
    Check out Neon Trees, Penguin Prison, and JJAMZ at the NYLON + Starbucks Summer Music Tour on July 10, 2012
  • Sharon T.
    Sharon TsaoDezembro 12, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    crazy crowded. dress less. Large gin & tonic was $16 - a bit pricey.
  • omgsocurly
    omgsocurlyMaio 10, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Legendary venue. Get here early to be up front.
  • nat e.
    nat estenFevereiro 23, 2016
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    the Saved by the 90s party every Friday night is rad :-)
  • Greenwich Village Literary Pub Crawl
    Pre prohibition a woman by the nickname "The Mayoress of Greenwich Village" was known to do a rather seductive dance with a stuffed ape here. Think I'm joking? Check us out. Leia mais
  • Lily
    LilyNovembro 26, 2014
    The people who work there are really nice.
  • Lori-Jo S.
    Lori-Jo SDezembro 19, 2011
    Formerly The Ritz - U2 played their first ever concert in the United States at this venue on Dec 6, 1980 during the "Boy" tour
  • Mat C.
    Mat CollisDezembro 16, 2016
    Nice venue, L'acoustics PA and nice staff
  • Ryan M.
    Ryan MillerAbril 21, 2013
    Dress to impress. Dress code, neat & trendy appearance is a must.
  • Bobby W.
    Bobby WeslowskiOutubro 17, 2014
    Make sure to check your account to see if they ACTUALLY charged you the amount you signed on your receipt. Bartenders gave themselves a tip on my dime. That's a great business practice there.... WTF
  • Michael B.
    Michael ButlerSetembro 9, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Every saturday is Circus night, featuring acrobatics, fire juggling, and weird dancy things in costumes.
  • Sabrina W.
    Sabrina WangSetembro 9, 2016
    I love the place, but somehow last night's experience was too hot and they had an hour long of tech issue that delayed the whole set. sad..
  • Bill M.
    Bill MurphyNovembro 1, 2011
    The Webster Hell Halloween party is off the chain. Costumes and flesh everywhere! (worked out good cuz I was a Zombie... BRAINSSSS!!!!!!!
  • Trish R.
    Trish R.Abril 18, 2014
    Best Place in NYC for EDM and House Acts
  • Nick F.
    Nick FodenMaio 7, 2010
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Check the other stage downstairs - The Studio - 3$ pbr beats 6$ bud upstairs and 3$ whiskey shots to boot!
  • Diana W.
    Diana WongOutubro 8, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 100 vezes!
    If you are buying a ticket at doors for a Bowery Presents concert, the box office is cash only.
  • Anoop R.
    Anoop RanganathJaneiro 12, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Webster Hall will not rest until their smoke machines have displaced all the oxygen in the room.
  • Michael G.
    Michael GogelMarço 24, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Get lost! (I mean lose yourself somewhere inside and you'll have fun)
  • Nikki
    NikkiFevereiro 12, 2017
    websterhall.com/subway for unlimited guest list spots and 2 for 1 drinks for club night events
  • Roc Nation
    Roc NationJunho 16, 2011
    If you get bored with the music, try to search this massive venue for the hidden mirrored hallway, it won’t disappoint. Hint: it’s somewhere towards the back Leia mais
  • Akash B.
    Akash BhatiaAbril 14, 2013
    Watching drunk white kids dance at concerts is always a good time.
  • Herman de K.
    Herman de KeyperlingSetembro 29, 2015
    430 south street Capitol southeast Washington DC 20003
  • Kassia G.
    Kassia GrahamMarço 31, 2010
    M2M, a convenience store with Asian food is near. Get cheap Korean and Japanese food before or after the show; they have seating too.
  • Domma
    DommaMaio 30, 2012
    Awesome concert venue! Drink prices caught me off gaurd but what can u do....
  • ELUS
    ELUSMarço 1, 2012
    I book for a monthly showcase at this venue. Artists interested in performing...contact me on twitter @kindgenius
  • Daniel S.
    Daniel ShawAgosto 26, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Did not have a good experience ordering a table. They gave us the wrong wristbands and we lost 2 hours of our night waiting to get it fixed. Beware!
  • Danwen
    DanwenJunho 2, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    I now only come here is someone really good who I've never seen is playing. Crowd sucks. Place is dingy.
  • Kat
    KatNovembro 26, 2011
    Drinks are a tad overpriced. Try to go up on the second floor for better view of the show.
  • Jason G.
    Jason GrossJulho 17, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    Some bleacher setting near the stage (left side).
  • The Infinite Zoo
    The Infinite ZooAbril 19, 2014
    Prepare to run upstairs. Arrive early to be front row!
  • Kenan A.
    Kenan AliOutubro 20, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    When they say $14 for 2 "domestic beers" they mean carbonated piss in a cup.
  • John D.
    John DoeFevereiro 8, 2015
    Stariji sjeda kosa i brada crna koža na vratima ime mu je FRANKI WOOD
  • Lee R.
    Lee RaderMaio 14, 2015
    been here enough to say this is the WORST venue in NYC (i go to a lot of shows) staff, patrons, bar(s), sound, smell: AWFUL. takes a special band for me to think about it. why do bands even play here?
  • Sara .
    Sara 🌈⚔🍾Abril 14, 2016
    Classic New York nightlife. Always great parties, bands and DJs.
  • Joshua L.
    Joshua LutzNovembro 5, 2011
    was fun 10 years ago. can be rarely fun now. hello 18 year olds looking to disappoint daddy.
  • stacey c.
    stacey cooperNovembro 25, 2011
    Go to the bar in the basement for drinks, they're cheaper.
  • Melody G.
    Melody GambinoNovembro 15, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    It's actually cheaper to drink beer (Coors Lite, $5) then to drink water ($6) here.
  • Stephen N.
    Stephen NarlochFevereiro 9, 2011
    While it's no Miller Lite, Bud Light=$6 here. Up from there. Do yourself a favor and pregame. If you're into that.
    SAMANTHA MCSHANJunho 25, 2013
    Awesome venue tonight! Not quite what I remembered lol!
  • Ángela G.
    Ángela GonzálezMarço 16, 2012
    Check out the Studio shows. You never know who will turn up!
  • Ani H.
    Ani H.Setembro 23, 2016
    Helpful staff!
  • JM C.
    JM ChilgrenAgosto 17, 2012
    VIP tip: bathroom on top left balcony!
  • @JaumePrimero
    @JaumePrimeroNovembro 30, 2013
    Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight.
  • Mikey M.
    Mikey MoAgosto 8, 2010
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Bring yourself and 10 friends to webster hall and receive free admission for all. Email michael@websterhall.com to be put on foursquare list.
  • Emily K.
    Emily KaneFevereiro 23, 2016
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Always a bit unorganized and sticky:
  • Jeremy C.
    Jeremy CJaneiro 13, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Shows start on time, unlike pretty much every other venue ever.
  • Carmen Gloria R.
    Carmen Gloria RiquelmeOutubro 14, 2015
    Good bands 😎
  • Kaitlin L.
    Kaitlin LipeMarço 4, 2010
    If you're feeling daring and dirty, check out their Girls' Night Out...freaking hilarious AND free!
  • Zachary M.
    Zachary MartzMaio 6, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Second mens bathroom on the bottom floor behind the coat check!
  • David S.
    David SloneNovembro 7, 2009
    On Friday nights, downstairs at TRASH, the short, blonde, suburban-looking bartender charges a lot less for beer than the tall, dreamy brunette.
  • Joey R.
    Joey RaphaelFevereiro 22, 2012
    Great view from the top. Especially during Boys & Girls.
  • Stephanie
    StephanieJunho 6, 2016
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Yes, we all grieve the terrible audio quality at this venue.
  • Keerthi B.
    Keerthi BharathDezembro 18, 2009
    Halloween party was amazing. Hot girls, great music, snake dance and with a guy winning best Halloween costume fr wearing a 25 foot transformers costume!!!
    RCRD LBLFevereiro 28, 2011
    Sign up for Dollar Daze and get crazy on the cheap. http://websterhall.com/dollardaze/
  • David T.
    David TaylorJunho 1, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Water is $5, so don't arrive thirsty.
  • Kirsten P.
    Kirsten PowerDezembro 10, 2011
    Apparently show up part of the way thru the main stage act, it's free to come in!
  • Noah D.
    Noah DupesJaneiro 2, 2016
    Saved by the 90s is amazing!
  • Carrot C.
    Carrot CreativeFevereiro 19, 2013
    Bar is open at 8AM in case you're out ALL. NIGHT. LONG.
  • Joe C.
    Joe ConteJulho 20, 2016
    Killer shows killer neighborhood
  • Dee D.
    Dee DeeAgosto 11, 2015
    Favorite venue by far
  • dena r.
    dena renee 🇮🇹Setembro 9, 2010
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    what's with the upstairs VIP only. and the bouncer telling you it's ok to leave and come back but the ticket guy says no re-entry.
  • Daddy B.
    Daddy BawstenDezembro 30, 2011
    When u get here ask for Street King or SK!
  • Brittany
    BrittanyDezembro 5, 2011
    Drinks are slightly cheaper downstairs.
  • Meghan
    MeghanNovembro 20, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    You can find dollar admission coupons online!
  • Sagar H.
    Sagar HatekarSetembro 12, 2012
    Great Music! 4 dance floors!
  • Terry C.
    Terry CNovembro 21, 2014
    The bar was very fast
  • joan l.
    joan leeAbril 19, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Take the stairs up for some good stares at the band.
  • Sergey P.
    Sergey ProninAbril 28, 2013
    Хуета. Не едьте сюда если вы не упоролись
  • John D.
    John DamianoMaio 18, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    June 3rd neighborhood kids is Playin here with paradise fears!
  • heather p.
    heather pinkFevereiro 12, 2012
    Only people that want to go here are tourists. Locals make fun of it like Time Square
  • Durga U.
    Durga UsagiJaneiro 5, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    dj jess is the BEST! trash party fridays!!! FTW!
  • Allyson T.
    Allyson TaylorAgosto 7, 2014
    Don't dress too trendy because there's zero AC.
  • ulrich d.
    ulrich djiteJunho 24, 2012
    Alone or with friends is the best place to party.
  • Jimmy D.
    Jimmy DanilczykFevereiro 8, 2014
    Wear sound reducing earplugs!
  • Alexis Z.
    Alexis ZitoFevereiro 16, 2013
    Don't bring a wallet, you'll get it pick pocketed 
  • RT G.
    RT G.Julho 20, 2012
    Heading to The Studio @ WH- tonight checking out OURS! ...expecting awesomeness!
  • Alex B.
    Alex BMaio 3, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    The staff here is absolutely horrible. The last time I was here a group of fans were yelled at for buying merch from the band & for waiting outside to meet them. Worst venue ever!
  • Sergey S.
    Sergey SidorenkoFevereiro 17, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Hot party!!!
  • Finley B.
    Finley Bomer-LawsonNovembro 6, 2015
    Sweaty and loud. VIP is actually very affordable.
  • justinstoned
    justinstonedJulho 19, 2011
    Good venue for big name bands & new talent showcases.
  • Becca G.
    Becca GSetembro 19, 2010
    Place is trash! So many old guys grabbing at any girl Really creepy,so gross Plus the night I went there was a guy walking around offering the same drink to everygirl he came across its called a ruphy
  • Ryan W.
    Ryan WarrenderMarço 21, 2014
    Avicii was born here in the last 80s.
  • Martha
    MarthaJulho 10, 2016
    not my favorite music venue, but sound is good.
  • Phoenix 💥💥💥
    Phoenix 💥💥💥Dezembro 10, 2014
    Fantastic nightclub
  • Debbie O.
    Debbie OrtizMarço 29, 2013
    Hey, Jon, how come I didn't get to go when I was there? LOL
  • Jen M.
    Jen MartinJulho 29, 2010
    Hit their 80s themed prom! You won't regret it!
  • Murder City Devils
    Murder City DevilsNovembro 21, 2013
    Can't wait to get back to New York,see you at Webster hall on February 8.
  • Donald S.
    Donald SharpMarço 2, 2015
    $6 coat check! $9 brooklyn lager! What a rip
  • Per O.
    Per OhrstromAbril 28, 2012
    $6 coat check! $9 brooklyn lager! What a rip!
  • Jim O.
    Jim O'BrienAgosto 24, 2011
    $9 beer, bring a flask
  • Amanda S.
    Amanda SchusterFevereiro 25, 2012
    Always stand stage left, way more room.
  • Phillip R.
    Phillip RosehillMarço 25, 2010
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Fun as a concert venue, cheesy / douchey as a club.
  • Susan L.
    Susan LovaglioAgosto 24, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    God, I hate this place. Molested at the door, 8$ bud lights, rude staff, druggies, guidos with no shirts starting half naked man dance circles. if you're looking for a shit show you've found it.
  • Lamarr B.
    Lamarr B.Agosto 6, 2010
    this place is a little run-down...and they need a/c...i almost melted during the last show i attended.
  • Terry C.
    Terry CNovembro 21, 2014
    Great sound
  • Andrew C.
    Andrew CrudgeFevereiro 19, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 100 vezes!
    Drinks are mad expensive -- pregame if u can!
  • Sally M.
    Sally MelvilleOutubro 14, 2015
    Good venue for bands
  • Family S.
    Great place to party
  • Thomas F.
    Thomas FarrellDezembro 15, 2013
    Does not support SantaCon and in fact, the employees outside made it very clear that they don't by their attitude.
  • Brian W.
    Brian WrightsonAgosto 5, 2009
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Get a bottle of beer at the upstairs bar and shoot the cap into the plastic cup behind the counter for a free shot.
  • Jared R.
    Jared RJulho 13, 2010
    Just there last night for a political fundraiser - not really the greatest location to hold a speech/fundraiser
  • NY Waterway
    NY WaterwayMaio 8, 2012
    Always good shows.
  • Mariana S.
    Mariana SampaioFevereiro 12, 2015
    Good music. Too crowded.
  • Nicky D.
    Nicky DigitalJaneiro 22, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 100 vezes!
    Do a little dance! Make a little love! Get down tonight!
  • Promot(ubl)
    Promot(ubl)Novembro 20, 2010
    Find a reliable promoter who will get you in free or significantly reduced.
  • Christine B.
    Christine BeJunho 8, 2010
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Feel free to punch anyone in the face who is talking LOUDLY over your favorite song/band. I mean, why the hell did you come here if all you want to do is have a conversation about inane crap?
  • karen r.
    karen raitAgosto 8, 2010
    i liked it better when it was THE RITZ, but then again the AC didnt work back then either.
  • Morgan G.
    Morgan GatesFevereiro 28, 2013
    Drinks are different prices at the different bars? I just got majorly ripped off.
  • jane n.
    jane nisselsonJulho 19, 2009
    check out Webster hall Studio! intimate venue and great graphic ambience
  • Jay C.
    Jay ColonJunho 14, 2013
    Enjoy yourselves at Webster Hall safe abs civilized .
  • Nasser A.
    Nasser AlQatamiAbril 25, 2012
    We dance to the beat...
  • 💎T
    💎TFevereiro 7, 2017
    Would only come if I had VIP. It's way too crowded downstairs.
  • Yarin L.
    Yarin LAgosto 9, 2014
    Flume + Chet Faker = <3
  • Jane T.
    Jane TimBetaAbril 22, 2013
    Every Friday night at Webster Hall.
  • Lewis K.
    Lewis KMaio 19, 2010
    $1 Fridays before midnight...always great music for a great price.
  • S.W.
    S.W.Novembro 13, 2011
    They cant afford fans or air conditioners
  • Andremlucano
    AndremlucanoNovembro 24, 2014
    Definitely BassmentSaturdays
  • Kevin B.
    Kevin BarkerDezembro 12, 2015
    The EDM room
  • Travis T.
    Travis ThomasJaneiro 30, 2011
    Avoid Webster Gall if you can. Bad sound, early curfew for concerts, and $8 for the cheapest beer.
  • Madonna
    MadonnaFevereiro 2, 2012
    March 18, 1995 - The Bedtime Story's Pyjama Party
  • Steven N.
    Steven NeiceAgosto 7, 2011
    Cool place, but don't waste your money if Vdj Chris Landry is mixing. Your better off jamming to the radio at night. Fake ass Dj, pre-recorded mixes all night= lame.
  • Bryan E.
    Bryan EllicottSetembro 18, 2011
    Too many stairs. Wear good shoes you can walk in.
  • I B.
    I BJunho 25, 2011
    Bring your own vibes
  • Rawb L.
    Rawb LaneMaio 15, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Circus Saturdays at Webster Hall...! Bring your Party Hat!
  • Helena S.
    Helena SDezembro 3, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Drink beforehand, the prices here are ridiculous.
  • Bogdan S.
    Bogdan SeredyakSetembro 8, 2012
    10PM circus show
  • Phatgoose
    PhatgooseJaneiro 3, 2012
    What a Blast!
  • Dominika D.
    Dominika DMarço 25, 2012
    HORRIBLE nightclub! $16 watered-down drinks?! You've gotta be kidding me! Plus $35 entrance fee and the rudest employees you will ever meet. Worst NYC club hands down!! Don't bother!
  • Chris B.
    Chris BalintJulho 20, 2016
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    They're a Pokestop
  • Priscilla S.
    Priscilla SohanMarço 4, 2013
    Hooray, free Wifi~
  • Chaz K.
    Chaz KelloggAgosto 11, 2014
    Go to Bassment Fridays to see Subset.
  • Rachel M.
    Rachel MinkoffDezembro 20, 2011
    Standing room, always
  • JetzNY
    JetzNYFevereiro 15, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Skinny Puppy
  • Oscar W.
    Oscar W¡ldFevereiro 16, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    $8 for coat check? That's just some ignorant bitch shiiit
  • Amanda N.
    Amanda NanawaJunho 13, 2010
    Not the best place for acoustics, no matter which band you came there to see.
  • Doug
    DougOutubro 27, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Only $5 for water??? What a deal!
  • Kevin L.
    Kevin LayneFevereiro 16, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    It's fucking pack on here!!?!!
  • Radhames J.
    Radhames JuniorAbril 30, 2012
    Melvins concert
  • Peter W.
    Peter WAbril 18, 2012
    9 dollars a beer. BECAUSE FUCK YOU, THAT'S WHY!
  • Keren T.
    Keren ThomasMarço 23, 2011
    Take plenty shots and get messed up.
  • Virginia R.
    Virginia Records USOutubro 21, 2013
    Drummond Street
  • CBM 
    CBM Julho 16, 2011
    Is it just me or is the floor about to cave in?
  • Angel M.
    Angel MorenoOutubro 2, 2010
    it gets hot. dress accordingly.
  • Jerry H.
    Jerry HongNovembro 13, 2011
    Decent clubbing place.
  • Cindy T.
    Cindy TAgosto 31, 2010
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Warning: If you can't stand incense, don't go to Webster Hall. They pump incense through the air system. It's nauseating.
  • Ryan B.
    Ryan BNovembro 19, 2011
    During shows they charge $5 for bottled water. Requests for tap are refused.
  • Kathryn E.
    Kathryn EverestJunho 3, 2010
    Came to see a show and there are no seats
  • Devon
    DevonOutubro 21, 2009
    Get sweaty to the spins of dj jess and alex magnetic downstairs in the studio on Friday nights with Trash!
  • Julio V.
    Julio VasquezNovembro 26, 2011
    had a blast
  • Miles R.
    Miles RochfordJulho 28, 2011
    Be prepared to queue for the bathroom.
  • Kate
    KateMarço 5, 2010
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Great acts, crowd...not so much.
  • Joonbug.com
    Joonbug.comJunho 30, 2010
  • David R.
    David RaSetembro 3, 2010
    Wow this place is still open? They must be doing something right.
  • MaryAnn A.
    MaryAnn AnnMarço 14, 2012
    Free MTV comedy show
  • Marc R.
    Marc RabinowitzMaio 14, 2011
    Buy earplugs in the bathroom. Really.
  • Alexey L.
    Alexey LoktevNovembro 10, 2013
    ужасный клуб с фриками, есть миллион способов потратить 45 баксов с большей пользой
  • Gloria L.
    Gloria LeeFevereiro 3, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    The bouncer looks like a tusk-less walrus
  • Oc® p.
    Oc® pojiOutubro 27, 2012
    Power ....
  • Theodore K.
    Theodore KMaio 17, 2017
    Not the best but not bad
  • Brandt B.
    Brandt BelknapDezembro 2, 2009
    downstairs bar drinks are about $3 cheaper.
  • Alex B.
    Alex BMaio 3, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Did I mention that they physically grabbed and shoved the artist after the show for NO APPARENT REASON? Once again, WORST VENUE EVER. I will never support this venue again.
  • Anne M.
    Anne MartinNovembro 5, 2011
    Don't try to bring drugs in they will find them in line, take them and refuse to let you in after you paid. Bullshit new York "club"
  • Eric F.
    Eric FloresOutubro 2, 2010
    you can find everything in Webster hall
  • Keane A.
    Keane AngleDezembro 18, 2010
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    These two dubstep MCs are horrible... Shhhhhh! Let the bass do the talking bro
  • Wei L.
    Wei LongDezembro 22, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Horrible place. 8 bucks for coatcheck. Filled with really underage kiddies
  • Kristian B.
    Rock Out!!!
  • Shirin H.
    Shirin HAgosto 11, 2013
    This place is very strange sober.
  • Olivia A.
    Olivia AsialaOutubro 22, 2015
    There was candy for sale in the bathroom.
  • Patrick M.
    Patrick MoranJaneiro 3, 2014
    Decent venue if it wasn't over-crowded with drunk 19 year olds
  • Jenray
    JenrayJulho 23, 2010
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Patrick swayze behind the bar. Yes please
  • Ashleigh C.
    Ashleigh CookAbril 16, 2010
    circus saturday is the best. =]
  • Samuel M.
    Samuel MaederNovembro 16, 2009
    Take the 50 bucks all you can drink entry special!
  • Geno C.
    Geno C.Fevereiro 4, 2012
    Floor is sticky....
  • Samuel M.
    Samuel MaederAgosto 5, 2010
    a nice place do get drunk
  • Mortimer T.
    Mortimer ToynbeeMaio 27, 2012
    Don't drink here it's super fucking expensive.
  • Mat B.
    Mat BrownDezembro 6, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Avoid coming here if at all possible.
  • Kimchii
    KimchiiFevereiro 7, 2011
    Drinks are soooo overpriced!
  • Abigail A.
    Abigail ArgersingerNovembro 18, 2014
    Not recommended. The sound is one of the worst for shows in NYC.
  • Emmanuel G.
    Emmanuel GalvanNovembro 1, 2015
    Teenage place... Lame, lame...
  • Rawb L.
    Rawb LaneAbril 22, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    This place is Bonkers!!!
  • Nicky D.
    Nicky DigitalFevereiro 18, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 100 vezes!
    Party party party Party party party Party party party Party party party Party party party Party party party.
  • Michael S.
    Michael SouthardJulho 10, 2010
    Open bar almost makes it worth going here.
  • Dave B.
    Dave BuduénNovembro 26, 2010
    working security!!
  • Kathryn Y.
    Kathryn YuMarço 16, 2009
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Go to Webster Hall to see a band. If you have a paper ticket, the line is usually further down the block. Don't get stuck in the will-call line.
  • Aditi S.
    Aditi SVCJulho 13, 2013
    Worst sound system of all times. And $5 for a bottle of water! At least the dancing is (somewhat) good.
  • Matt S.
    Matt SzenicsAbril 20, 2012
    Don't get drinks here. Overpriced for Webster
  • Shakeya E.
    Shakeya EdmondsSetembro 30, 2011
    Not a place to party too many damn kids
  • Sarah
    SarahNovembro 10, 2012
    Would probably never go back.
  • Michelle B.
    Michelle BettersOutubro 28, 2010
    Prepare to sweat!
  • Tim H.
    Tim HayesJunho 8, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Not weed friendly.
  • Lori
    LoriAbril 26, 2011
    Yuck are!!!
  • Andrew F.
    Andrew FAgosto 14, 2010
    get upstairs idiots
  • Jackal
    JackalNovembro 26, 2014
    Dirty and way too many people.
  • Sasha
    SashaJaneiro 1, 2012
    Dear security, go fuck yourselves.
  • Paul K.
    Paul KennardJunho 4, 2009
    bring a flask, $7 for a bud light!
  • Jason B. J.
    Jason B. JonesAbril 11, 2010
    Went and saw Blue October on 4.10.10 Leia mais
  • Mochdy I.
    Mochdy IG : @mochdyAgosto 7, 2010
    Hipster gila'
  • Nitin G.
    Nitin GoswamiDezembro 14, 2009
    Nice place
  • Nicky D.
    Nicky DigitalMarço 29, 2009
    Esteve aqui mais de 100 vezes!
    on a Friday night and have your photo taken by Nicky Digital!
  • Alyssa B.
    Alyssa BereznakOutubro 25, 2014
    Eh. Not a fan.
  • Chris C.
    Chris CamachoJaneiro 1, 2011
    This place sucks ass. The employees are all obnoxious and rude assholes. I will NEVER go there again. May they burn in hell.....
  • Daniel C.
    Daniel CasanovaAgosto 2, 2009
    Esteve aqui mais de 100 vezes!
    Girls & Boys. Every Friday night at Webster Hall.
  • Dana L.
    Dana LeeAbril 2, 2016
    If you're foreign you'll need to bring a passport
  • Eric L.
    Eric LeebowMarço 22, 2009
    Awesome circus party at Webster Hall.
  • Lindsay S.
    Lindsay SilvaMarço 6, 2010
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Full o douches
  • Tom K.
    Tom KincaidAbril 22, 2009
    bootupnyc, go to
  • Minta S.
    Minta SumbanganJaneiro 15, 2011
    pesen onggol2 salosin mas...
  • Andrew J.
    Andrew JonesJunho 15, 2011
    This place fucking sucks.
  • Sahu H.
    Sahu HabibiMarço 18, 2009
    Cut and Paste
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