La Colombe Coffee

La Colombe Torrefaction

NoHo, Nova Iorque
  • Jorge M.
    "Get the chocolate chocolate cookie (cookies)."(9 dicas)
    Grayson Squire W.
    "Chic (na moda) location & clientele, but will never understand the layout!"(4 dicas)
    Leah L.
    "Best environment, great lighting, oh and excellent coffee (café)"(185 dicas)
    Sara .
    "Fantastic coffee and great service, even when it's crowded (cheio de gente)."(4 dicas)
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  • J. A.
    J. Araujo S2Abril 25, 2013
    bom dia naçao..
  • tim beta T.
    tim beta TIM BETAAgosto 10, 2014
    muito booooom
  • cheila (TIM BETA LAB) l.
  • EArchitect
    EArchitectNovembro 3, 2016
    If you enjoy tea, you'll appreciate the quality of the Hojicha Green Tea. It's aromatic, sweet & less astringent than most teas. Steep for 2-3 minutes at 180°. Steep longer for more strength.
  • Diana
    DianaNovembro 17, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Love this coffee shop and unfortunately so does everyone else. Light-filled, spacious, delicious cortados and pastries, and a diverse/good looking crowd. Great spot for getting work done.
  • Will S.
    Will SchollMarço 7, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Really friendly service. Iced coffee at the counter is hot coffee over ice with a shot of espresso. Cold brew is sold in a vintage vending machine. Very crowded even during a non-peak hour.
  • Ashley R.
    Ashley RoseMaio 15, 2016
    High ceilings, draft lattes (or a Black and Tan if you're not feeling that decadent) and blue berry muffins. I prefer the benches outside- SoulCycle foot traffic = prime people watching.
  • Tyler L.
    Tyler LundDezembro 28, 2015
    Luckily the excellent La Colombe has a flagship store on the way back to the East Side. At La Columbe, a massive temple to the majestic coffee bean, complete with marble decor and massive pillars
  • Edward F.
    Edward FabilaAbril 30, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 100 vezes!
    Cafe location is Eco friendly and the la marzocco machines make a mean, well rounded espresso. Lines can be insane during peak coffee hours (3-4:30pm)...prepare to wait!
  • Noah W.
    Noah WeissAgosto 16, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 100 vezes!
    The iced draft latte is a real innovation, coming out frothy from a keg with the head of a Guinness beer. Best vibe coffee shop in NYC, of course.
  • Jess N.
    Jess NaldoJulho 10, 2015
    Coffee and cold brew is as damn good as it gets in NYC! Love the personal touches post-order with mixing spoon, non-pretentious service, and water tap in the back. Only one thing: Turn up the AC! 😅
  • Steve P.
    Steve PipengerMarço 18, 2015
    Great place. They really know coffee. Curtis showed me today how to grind my coffee, use my chemex and the ratio of beans to water (in weight). The folks are great. It really as good as I say.
  • Andrew A.
    Andrew AframAgosto 9, 2014
    Get the cold brew, a.k.a. "Pure Black"! Good selection of magazines to peruse too!
  • Michelle J.
    Michelle JacobsOutubro 14, 2014
    From the shot of espresso in your iced coffee to the plate, lid and spoon given no matter what, La Colombe Torrefaction is worth a visit. Excellent coffee, that, you know, tastes like coffee.
  • Caroline S.
    Caroline SindersSetembro 19, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    Notoriously long lines (NYU is right around the corner) but sometimes right at noon, there's a lull in activity. Try the olive oil bread and an americano- it's my personal pick me up.
  • Jen B.
    Jen BekmanJaneiro 29, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    Long line almost always. Be prepared to wait forever and not mind one tiny bit. A somewhat anachronistically zen experience, considering that what you've come for is a superior-to-most caffeine fix.
  • Gabo S.
    Gabo SNovembro 17, 2017
    Beautiful venue with great selection of coffee and great variety of roasted beans. I wish it wasn’t that trendy so the lime would be smaller; best time to stop by, weekdays.
  • Peter B.
    Peter BoyceAgosto 31, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    Coffee is a holistic ritual here. From the shot of espresso in each iced coffee, to the plate, lid and spoon given even for to-go orders, the attention to detail is something to admire.
  • Teddy R.
    Teddy Ricker IIIMaio 25, 2014
    What a great spot! Been coming here for two years. The staff is so wonderful, so pleasant, and so professional. The coffee, equally amazing. I have NEVER had a bad experience here.
  • Brynn S.
    Brynn ShepherdAbril 16, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Wondered how their iced coffee tastes SO much stronger than any one I've ever had, joked that it tasted like iced espresso, went here and discovered there is an espresso shot in it. IT ALL MAKES SENSE
  • Liz L.
    Liz LiangJulho 17, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    I always come here for the awesome iced coffee (that comes with an espresso shot) but today I tried the gluten free chocolate walnut cookie and... Wow. Perfectly chewy and delicious.
  • Shengyu C.
    Shengyu ChenAbril 13, 2012
    The place is very hip and has a lot of culture. At least feels like it. Sort of inspired me to learn more about the culture behind coffee beans and how they are brewed. (3 of 4 petals via Fondu) Leia mais
  • Sam
    SamJunho 8, 2013
    The space is great, the coffee is fine but the most impressive thing about the place is the attitude of the staff! Great vibe & positive energy!!
  • Valerie S.
    Valerie SecklerMarço 17, 2012
    Baristas solve the puzzle of this cafe sans coffee list. "They're all blends," one said. Corsica is the rich house brew, Nizza, espresso. Extras: ceramic mugs, silver spoons, glass of water 3 ways.
  • Lindsay T.
    Lindsay ToussaintOutubro 30, 2016
    Great, friendly, knowledgable, and efficient staff all day the morning line wraps around the whole store but within 3-5 minutes you're at the register... They're magical!
  • Trista K.
    Trista KempaAgosto 5, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Really excellent. Love the new draft latte and cold brew / Black and Tan. Lines are permanently 20 people long which is annoying. And staff is hit or miss, which is disappointing. But I keep going bck
  • Valerie S.
    Valerie SecklerMarço 14, 2012
    Unusual service marks La Colombe Torrefaction: a 12 oz. ceramic mug of coffee + a glass of water -- flat, sparkling, room temp -- all for $2. 40-odd cafe seats add value. Acoustics range mellow-loud.
  • Matthew M.
    Matthew MichiharaAgosto 25, 2015
    Get the black and tan for a nice mix between the very creamy draft latte and more bitter draft cold brew
  • Julia M.
    Julia MontiMarço 29, 2016
    Most refreshing iced latte I've had in a while. Brewed to perfection and would be a great place to study. There are power outlets and plenty of seating.
  • Jenny K.
    Jenny KJulho 7, 2015
    Pretty delicious iced coffee. Instead of a communal milk/sugar station you get your own spot at the bar to doctor up your drink.
  • Grayson Squire W.
    Grayson Squire WhitehouseDezembro 15, 2017
    Chic location & clientele, but will never understand the layout! Ring around the Rosie? Enjoy a truly delish cup of coffee...that is if you can figure out where the line begins!! Hah
  • Chris M.
    Chris MessinaSetembro 24, 2013
    What to Order: Either a Gibraltar, made with two shots of espresso and a dash of warm milk, or La Colombe's pre-bottled Pure Black iced coffee.
  • Percolate
    PercolateJunho 19, 2012
    This is the most beautiful of the La Colombe locations (and the biggest to our knowledge). The secret trick that runs across all: An extra shot of espresso in the iced coffee.
  • Toni H.
    Toni HaberAbril 14, 2014
    La Colombe is sure to wake you up with its iced coffee. Baristas here put a shot of espresso in every cup to make sure you're awake by the time you leave.
  • Wesley B.
    Wesley BlissSetembro 2, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Great, strong coffee and espresso, but a bit over roasted and dark for some. Lattes on draft!
  • Christine S.
    Christine SimkoMaio 24, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 100 vezes!
    Nothing hits the proverbial 'good coffee' spot like this location's iced coffee (and it has a shot of expresso for double oomph). My favorite coffee spot- and location.
  • Daniel G.
    Daniel GarciaAbril 27, 2015
    Line for coffee is insanely long on a weekday afternoon... but atmosphere is wonderful with lots of natural light. No wifi or outlets though.
  • Talisa C.
    Talisa ChangDezembro 29, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    The iced coffee, both a delicious and dangerous choice, automatically comes with an extra shot of espresso (red eye). Lactards beware - no soy or almond milk here!
  • Zara P.
    Zara PAgosto 17, 2015
    The best latte - or coffee, period - I've ever had. The croissant was delicious as well.
  • Guido K.
    Guido KnookJunho 10, 2015
    I've been living of their americano for a week now. Strong in flavor but still smooth. Nice location as well. Definitely recommended.
  • calvi n.
    calvi nNovembro 13, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Power outlets are scarce, but one is available next to the standing table by the cashier. Bring a power strip and become everyone's best friend.
  • Harris N.
    Harris NovickAbril 5, 2013
    The baristas know who you are if you come often enough — that alone is worth the long lines.  Regardless, the best cappuccino in nyc.
  • Serena
    SerenaMarço 4, 2014
    best ham and cheese croissants in the city. they actually make them in the traditional way w/the ham and cheese baked inside.
  • Umi A.
    Umi AkiyoshiAgosto 3, 2016
    Great space for working - minus the fact that they don't have wifi. But overall vibes and atmosphere make this my go to work spot
  • Andrew C.
    Andrew ChoiMarço 15, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 50 vezes!
    Perfect atmosphere to catch up with friends over cappuccinos, iced americanos, and dapper men.
  • Inna
    InnaOutubro 20, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    One of the best (and cheap) cups of coffee in the city. Iced coffee gets an extra shot of espresso and for the dieters, they don't believe in skin milk.
  • Amanda B.
    Amanda BrooksOutubro 11, 2012
    The line is always wrapped around the place but it moves FAST and the coffee is worth the tiny wait. Great place to sit and do work also.
  • Ariel S.
    Ariel SeltzerMarço 26, 2016
    Draft iced coffee is amazing. Def go for the Black and Tan! Cookies from Birdbath are good. Just make sure they're guarded from flies
  • Mark C.
    Mark Chu-CarrollNovembro 18, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Finally, coffee bliss in Manhattan! Strong, smooth but bitter, with none of that wretched sourness that plagues NYC coffee... wonderful. Their latte is perfect.
  • Noah W.
    Noah WeissMaio 19, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 100 vezes!
    Looking for the best combination of good coffee and chill place to catch up with someone? This is the best spot in NYC for it.
  • George Z.
    George ZFevereiro 20, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Best coffee in the area, but be ready for a line that wraps around the bar if you come during the afternoon caffeine rush
  • Scot O.
    Scot OlsenJunho 22, 2015
    Sprawling cafe with so much to offer. Great for a meeting, a date, getting work done, or just killing time.
  • Emily M.
    Emily MannMaio 18, 2012
    The line can be long, but it moves just as fast (if not faster) than Starbucks. But these drinks are actually worth the wait. So good!
  • Alex H.
    Alex HennesseyAgosto 6, 2015
    Good coffee but how was my cappuccino at Saturdays Surf (made with la colombe espresso) soooooo much better than the one I got at this storefront??
  • Deepak S.
    Deepak ShrivastavaAbril 8, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Not a coffee drinker (anymore), but craft beans galore. Lines are long but worth it - staff make you feel special. MUCH better than an sbux or anything else.
  • Remington G.
    Remington GuestFevereiro 3, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 100 vezes!
    The iced coffee is incredible. If you're wondering why, it's the espresso shot. Go for the olive oil cake and chocolate cookie. quality.
  • Michael K.
    Michael KrafftOutubro 2, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    My favorite game to play here is to count how many Apple products are currently in use. Normally around 14 at any one time. Ridic!
  • Ms H.
    Ms HeleneSetembro 20, 2014
    Hemp milk cappuccino small 12oz $5 and well made. Big, roomy space but always busy. Worth a visit when shopping on Noho.
  • Jack D.
    Jack DavenportJunho 9, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Strangely the 'to-go' coffee is larger than the 'to-stay' coffee, and to get a refill you have to pay another dollar and wait in line all over again. Tip- order the 'to-go' coffee .. to stay
  • Sylvain L.
    Sylvain LienneMarço 7, 2015
    I had a good Time there ! Not easy to find a free table but when you find it, it's cool :) love the Latte.
  • Ong A.
    Ong ArttasanMarço 23, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Look for the water fountain behind the bar. They offer free sparkling water too. Super refreshing after your macchiato.
  • Stephen M.
    Stephen MusgraveSetembro 7, 2013
    The most expensive cappuccino around ($4), but also a close second to Dames (in Jersey City) as the best I've ever had.
  • Sydney F.
    Sydney FriedmanFevereiro 8, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 50 vezes!
    Best iced coffee in the nabe. Comes with a shot of espresso for an extra buzz for your buck.
  • Amanda L.
    Amanda L.Dezembro 21, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    Iced coffee is cooled down hot coffee with two espresso shots, shockingly preferable to most NYC cold brews. (Also, the baristas are adorbs.)
  • Julie A.
    Julie AvraMaio 20, 2017
    The draft latte is so good- frothy and rich, but not too sweet
  • Rainbow L.
    Rainbow LAAbril 10, 2014
    Ask for a dehydrated coffee until it is sludge. Pour into your e cig, especially if you been up all night. Turn up the voltage on your vape, and begin freebasing your coffee no teeth stains.
  • Weyler #.
    Weyler #BetaAbril 29, 2014
    ghjlyLa Colombe’s mission is to consistently provide the finest quality coffee to establishments which display a real interest in serving premium grade
  • Derek M.
    Derek MarshallNovembro 28, 2016
    Love the hot chocolate. It's super dark, so you can have sugar-free hot cocoa. A unique feature of the highest caliber imho. ❤️
  • Wayne S.
    Wayne SurberFevereiro 12, 2014
    Richy rich coffee place. Good coffee, asshole customers and silly pricing. Ask for the price, they don't believe in menu lists.
  • Ellis H.
    Ellis HamburgerJunho 17, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Get the Cortado ($2.50): two espresso shots topped with milk, and add a spoon of raw sugar. Can't beat it.
  • Jen B.
    Jen BekmanSetembro 8, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    Get a redeye iced + all will be right in your world. (They have cold brew now too, it's good but the redeye's more better.)
  • Public House W.
    Public House WineAgosto 14, 2014
    No frills or fancy drinks, just straight strong coffee and espresso. Bonus points for free seltzer of tap.
  • Brian M.
    Brian MooreSetembro 16, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Don't be afraid of the long lines—they get as long as they do at Stumptown, but get through it 2x faster. Efficiency!
  • Marissa S.
    Marissa StuartOutubro 21, 2016
    There is usually a wait, but it goes fast and is worth it. I love their lattes.
  • Tamar K.
    Tamar KornblumSetembro 15, 2013
    Long line during the week, but delightfully empty on weekend mornings. Also, decaf latte is on par with regular lattes... which is rare.
  • Eden G.
    Eden GAbril 25, 2013
    Try the cappuccino w/ agave syrup. Simply incredible. You're responsible for adding the agave.
  • Remington G.
    Remington GuestNovembro 18, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 100 vezes!
    Don't sit by the windows if its too sunny out. It's blinding and super hot. Sit at the bar or outside.
  • Andrew A.
    Andrew ApostolaMaio 26, 2012
    It's ok at La Colombe, but a lot of people just hanging around checking their phones. If your coming for takeaway then move, otherwise I'd go to 9th Expresso or Blue Bird on 1st and A.
  • Ben M.
    Ben MackeyJulho 24, 2015
    The Draft Latte I had today was meh - nothing more than cold drip coffee with milk. I think the ice ruined the airy texture. I'll try it again but without ice next time.
  • Andrew C.
    Andrew ChoiFevereiro 6, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 50 vezes!
    Americanos and cappuccinos are wonderful. If you want a cortado though, go to their TriBeCa location instead.
  • Monisha
    MonishaMarço 27, 2016
    The secret to the iced coffee is that it's actually a red eye! Yes, I would like some espresso with my coffee, please!
  • Timothy J.
    Timothy JNovembro 24, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    refresh your palette with comp water (cold/room/sparkling) by the wall... also, check out the choking victim poster in the far corner. very cool.
  • Christina Z.
    Christina ZauJunho 5, 2015
    Best coffee in the city, I wish they'd bring back the hemp milk though it was interesting
  • Nina Y.
    Nina YiamsamathaNovembro 8, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Can't go wrong with an iced coffee (it comes with a shot of espresso for extra buzz).
  • Patricia L.
    Patricia LiuOutubro 6, 2012
    A Philadelphia staple in new york - the baristas will make you anything if you can explain! Just needs soy :(
  • Remington G.
    Remington GuestNovembro 18, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 100 vezes!
    Get the iced coffee. It's incredible. They add an espresso shot which just makes it.
  • tze c.
    tze chunFevereiro 1, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    The Double Chocolate Cookie is the best pastry, just ask the baristas!
  • Jill C.
    Jill C.Agosto 3, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    I've tried a lot of different coffees, but this is by far my favorite in all of NYC.
  • Sean S.
    Sean SalmonNovembro 17, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 50 vezes!
    Help yourself to some complimentary seltzer water from the taps on the far side of the pickup counter
  • Bruce H.
    Bruce HashimMarço 12, 2014
    Crowded but line moves fast and coffee is worth the wait. Good to people watch
  • Sarah N.
    Sarah NelsonJunho 7, 2012
    Love the interior design & the china. Seltzer dispensers make this a favorite as well.
  • AgatheYouBabe
    AgatheYouBabeAgosto 26, 2012
    No lactose free options. Would be awesome if they had soy! Or lactose free - even better!!
  • Sergey S.
    Sergey ShmidtJunho 8, 2013
    In our opinion — this is a best place in Manhattan where you can get a coffe.
  • HashtagNYU
    HashtagNYUJaneiro 11, 2016
    Great study spot near NYU but not right on campus — it gets busy though!
  • Louis B.
    Louis BruscoMaio 28, 2012
    Double-filterd Corsica-blend coffee after steeping it for 16 hours in stainless-steel wine tanks. So smooth and sweet, it hardly needs milk.
  • Dave R.
    Dave RichardOutubro 13, 2015
    Amazing coffee - try whatever they have on "workshop"
  • Allison Y.
    Allison YuJunho 6, 2015
    Best latte EVER!!!! The olive oil loaf is delicious as well
  • Chad H.
    Chad HornerAgosto 15, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    draft latte is a new thing they're doing: foamy, sweet, refreshing
  • Nick S.
    Nick StanzioneJulho 23, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Wow. They top off your iced coffee w espresso. Delicious! New favorite.
  • 魁偲 闵.
    魁偲 闵Agosto 13, 2013
    If you're lactose intolerant, too bad. No soy! The coffee is amazing, but the attitude from the baristas just make them look like jerks.
  • Brian M.
    Brian MooreJaneiro 23, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Beautiful place with good espresso, but gotta say—their drip coffee is awful and is always burnt.
  • Charles C.
    Charles ChiuJaneiro 25, 2015
    Long queue but very nice and central place to warm up after a day of walking in NYC
  • Tyler
    TylerJaneiro 7, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 50 vezes!
    Excellent, and inexpensive hot chocolate. Just don't forget to add your own sugar.
  • Nicole V.
    Nicole VelezJunho 6, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    Long line but it goes by so quick and the staff is so much more cooler at this location. Love their lattes :)
  • Kevin G.
    Kevin GravesAbril 17, 2012
    Wow, hands down the best iced coffee in NYC. Coupled w/ an amazing chocolate's like being in Europe.
  • tze c.
    tze chunNovembro 23, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Weekend mornings are the best time to stop in. Much shorter lines!
  • Alex R.
    Alex RobertsonMaio 20, 2017
    great draft latte, great space
  • Jen S.
    Jen SidaAbril 10, 2013
    If you enjoy Blue Bottle from San Francisco then you will love it here!
  • Amy .
    Amy 🍦Dezembro 1, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    The almond croissants (from Payard bakery on Houston) go great with the coffee!
  • Mark L.
    Mark LombardiNovembro 7, 2014
    Great espresso drinks. Cozy location, good for late night hangouts.
  • Mathias J.
    Mathias JakobsenJulho 16, 2015
    Coffee is top 3 best coffee in NYC IMHO. Consistently!
  • Charlie S.
    Charlie SneathAbril 22, 2016
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    The Black & Tan is their own espresso cold brew with foamed milk, no added sugar.
  • Eden G.
    Eden GJunho 20, 2013
    The rumors are true: they add 2 shots of espresso to all of their coffees.
  • Larisa G.
    Larisa GrollemondJunho 28, 2015
    Great coffee but don't plan on staying for long, it's always crowded!
  • Tom M.
    Tom M.Novembro 23, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Always excellent lattes and muffins, I love this place
  • joan l.
    joan leeMarço 19, 2013
    Great free seltzer, cute friendly counter people, terrible seating! Ouch!
  • Eugene K.
    Eugene KimbergJulho 17, 2015
    This place is not as cozy as their Tribeca location but it has the same great coffee.
  • Isabel Z.
    Isabel ZapataSetembro 8, 2013
    Pruebo y pruebo cafés y no he encontrado uno mejor que éste.
  • Tom J.
    Tom JosephMaio 12, 2015
    The iced latte is good but I prefer Stumptown and Irving Farm. Long queues too
  • HashtagNYU
    HashtagNYUAgosto 29, 2014
    With only three locations in NYC, their coffee is priced on the high end, but rightfully so. Leia mais
  • Sebastian C.
    Sebastian CastroDezembro 30, 2017
    First time in this chain, is pretty good, I think is a bit more expensive than any other but the coffee is pretty good.
  • Lindsey K.
    Lindsey KimJunho 14, 2016
    The cold brew coffee with a bit of agave/simple syrup is absolute perfection.
  • Natalie V.
    Natalie VegelAgosto 25, 2016
    Love the iced coffee here - lots of places to sit, too.
  • Colin D.
    Colin DuRantOutubro 7, 2017
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Solid coffee shop. Overrun with NYU students during the school year.
  • Theodore P.
    Theodore PriceDezembro 7, 2014
    Great coffee. Great decor. Lovely atmosphere and spacious.
  • Narain
    NarainAbril 17, 2016
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    The coffee is strong but very smooth. Quite possibly the best in town.
  • Jessica C.
    Jessica CabsMarço 24, 2016
    Everything is great! Big fan of their black and tan!
  • Mame M.
    Mame McCutchinJulho 11, 2012
    Freshly made iced tea! Delicious and a generous portion. Man, I love this space!
  • Vladimir
    VladimirAgosto 16, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    Complimentary seltzer fountain and flourless chocolate walnut cookie
  • Dunja L.
    Dunja LazicMarço 9, 2014
    It's official - they have the best coffee in NYC! And the service is amazing.
  • Paul B.
    Paul BrennerAgosto 10, 2014
    Is it stupid to recommend the on tap waters? Well too bad. Don't miss the water.
  • Amy L.
    Amy LukesFevereiro 28, 2013
    They don't have a menu! So go in knowing what you want. I felt kind of stupid my first time there.
  • Joana S.
    Joana SingerDezembro 28, 2014
    You will be pleased after the long line with a really great espresso
  • Andrew C.
    Andrew CerdaNovembro 9, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Check out the terrarium - a total DIY activity for when the iced coffee reds your eyes. (get it?)
  • Morgan P.
    Morgan PolotanMarço 28, 2015
    Long lines are worth it. Get the whole bean coffee to brew at home.
  • Sally M.
    Sally MontanaAbril 20, 2013
    Excellent iced coffee. Bench outside is awesome for people spotting
  • Sherry C.
    Sherry CAgosto 22, 2015
    Try the new draft latte! So creamy, so smooth.
  • bpmuir
    bpmuirFevereiro 19, 2014
    Great coffee! Generally busy but a great spot for meeting
  • Sara .
    Sara 🌈⚔🍾Maio 12, 2017
    Fantastic coffee and great service, even when it's crowded.
  • Leah L.
    Leah LiSetembro 20, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Best environment, great lighting, oh and excellent coffee
  • Beta LAB L.
    Beta LAB LabMarço 22, 2013
    La Colombe Torrefaction: Quiet Location with a great location
  • Greg H.
    Greg HertzkeNovembro 7, 2011
    This area definitely needed a spot like this, great coffee and very nice staff.
  • Margo C.
    Margo ChabotMarço 16, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    Their secret? The iced coffee has a shot of espresso in it
  • Stephen P.
    Stephen PowellOutubro 28, 2016
    Only real sugar here. Excellent start to a chilly Friday.
  • Erik V.
    Erik Van BruggenJaneiro 15, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Best coffee in NYC. And nice staff, and free (sparkling) water.
  • Andrew H.
    Andrew HogueDezembro 16, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Good coffee, but lines can get pretty long in the morning and right after lunch.
  • Creighton D.
    Creighton DeSimoneDezembro 9, 2017
    Tough to get a table but great coffee if you’re just picking up.
  • Nate B.
    Nate BeattyDezembro 30, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 50 vezes!
    Small shop so get it to go. The iced coffee is such crack.
  • Jessie C.
    Jessie CatanaSetembro 18, 2015
    Fancy shmancy and good. Usually has a long wait
  • Zeynep B.
    Zeynep BJunho 30, 2015
    best iced latte ever had!
  • Joshua B.
    Joshua BoggsSetembro 10, 2016
    Very spacious and well lit. No wifi but good place to hang out.
  • Lucy H.
    Lucy H.Dezembro 20, 2017
    High ceilings and lots of light so it's perfect for reading 😍
  • Jeffrey K.
    Jeffrey KaoAgosto 14, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    For something different, do a draft latte for a silky Guinness texture.
  • Spencer F.
    Spencer FrySetembro 4, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    I'd love this place so much more if they had a better iced tea selection.
  • Mary Catherine L.
    Coffee is delicious and the people who work here so nice.
  • Jasmine Y.
    Jasmine YookOutubro 1, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Nyu students. NYU wifi and stern on the move wifi can be accessed here!
  • Kristi B.
    Kristi BerryDezembro 7, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    The only flaw here is that there isn't more than one size. This is coffee that you actually want trenta sized.
  • Barrett B.
    Barrett BeardNovembro 29, 2011
    The lattes are amazing. Hands down. Also, become a regular and support the growth of the company.
  • Pratheeksha K.
    Pratheeksha KSAgosto 30, 2016
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    They have a combination of draft latte and iced coffee. It's epic.
  • Viv
    VivMarço 22, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    Not a fan of their hot coffee, but they do aMazing iced coffee here.
  • Daniel L.
    Daniel LancianaAgosto 23, 2015
    Solid coffee, good atmosphere circling the bar.
  • Jackson K.
    Jackson KNovembro 6, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    Line is worth the wait, but try to avoid the lines between 8:30-10
  • Emilie F.
    Emilie FuttermanSetembro 29, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Delicious coffee, no wifi so bring a book or a friend.
  • Winnie
    WinnieAgosto 16, 2015
    Always a long line, but delicious iced coffee. They don't have iced tea though
  • Lily
    LilyMaio 24, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    It's a miracle: they now have a menu and non- dairy alternatives!
  • Andrew C.
    Andrew ChoiAgosto 27, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 50 vezes!
    They use Organic Valley milk here. I'm in love!
  • Massimiliano P.
    Massimiliano PellegriniOutubro 26, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    I like the atmosphere and the China. Coffe is very tasty
  • Alexa H.
    Alexa HaertelMaio 5, 2015
    Love that they have organic milk
  • Heather P.
    Heather ParkFevereiro 25, 2013
    If you're lactarded, you're SOL. No soy milk or non-dairy alternatives here.
  • Charles B.
    Charles BNovembro 8, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    very zen in here. until you get halfway through your iced coffee and start bouncing off the walls!!!!
  • Jack D.
    Jack DavenportFevereiro 28, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    A bit pretentious, but great coffee. Seriously, open up another register and stop 'building a line.'
  • Erin L.
    Erin LeeJaneiro 8, 2015
    The mocha was not the best. I probably should've gone with the fan favourite iced coffee but it's below freezing outside!
  • Angie C.
    Angie ChahinNovembro 5, 2014
    Long lines & no-wifi. But totally worth it
  • Michael M.
    Michael McDuffieAgosto 7, 2014
    An Iced Americano with a fresh pastry can't be beat!
  • Amber
    AmberMaio 15, 2017
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Always good coffee, every, single time.
  • John C.
    John ChidiacJaneiro 9, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Their cortatos are consistently better than any other place I've been
  • Edgar C.
    Edgar CastilloJulho 7, 2017
    Coffee and pastry are both good here, but long lines, small portions make for it being only OK
  • Nicole F.
    Nicole FranzenAbril 12, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Favorite coffee in New York, both their shops are fab.
  • Graff
    GraffSetembro 25, 2013
    Отличный кофе варят здесь , и чеконы прикольные
  • Justin
    JustinOutubro 7, 2015
    Coffee & cookies to die for!
  • Léna Le Rolland
    Léna Le RollandNovembro 28, 2017
    Spacey and nice. And cozy. Everything you want from your coffee stop
  • Liz L.
    Liz LiangAbril 24, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    A latte, an almond croissant, and some seltzer water. Perfect mid-morning pick me up.
  • Will C.
    Will CharczukJaneiro 5, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    The iced coffee is good. Unrelated; the speakers in here are no joke.
  • Noah W.
    Noah WeissNovembro 12, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 100 vezes!
    It's the milkiest iced latte in NY, and as delicious as it sounds.
  • Jeff S.
    Jeff SAgosto 11, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Iced coffee comes with an extra shot of espresso. Jittery for days
  • Andy T.
    Andy TaoJulho 25, 2015
    Try the draft latte. It's soooo good!
  • Zii H.
    Zii HammadJaneiro 7, 2016
    Don't believe the hype. This place is good, but no better than any other fancy coffee spot.
  • Ashley L.
    Ashley LorenzoDezembro 1, 2012
    I always came here before and after work!! They have the best coffee ever!
  • Lulu P.
    Lulu PengOutubro 20, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Pretty freaking cheap for such great iced coffee and lattes.
  • Molly S.
    Molly StoddartDezembro 21, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Always brewing delicious coffee. Love the black & tan!
  • Ernst-Jan P.
    Ernst-Jan PfauthSetembro 22, 2012
    So the coffee is great, but I'm in love with the water tap. Pick 'room temp', 'cold' or sparkling.
  • Ryan Y.
    Ryan YunMarço 21, 2016
    The draft latte is iced coffee at its best.
  • Weston James B.
    Weston James BarkerNovembro 27, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Iced Americano, three spoonfuls of raw sugar, a dash of creme: heaven
  • Isaac S.
    Isaac ShabotAbril 10, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Try the cold brew Corsica blend bottle from the machine
  • Nick T.
    Nick ToumpelisAgosto 30, 2015
    The coffee is very good, but the croissants not so much. Not many other options either. The serving stuff were rude. Not sure why the FSQ rating is so high. Very disappointed.
  • Kat C.
    Kat ChingJunho 4, 2014
    There is NO WIFI here. NO WIFI. How did I get lulled into thinking that a cafe, filled with apple computers, has wifi? Silly me, I thought I could get work done here.
  • Yoeun P.
    Yoeun PenDezembro 25, 2014
    Great foam, great beans, slow lines
  • Seline J.
    Seline JungMaio 27, 2015
    Personally not a fan of their bitter, flat espresso. If you like something more well-rounded, this won't be your jam.
  • Jasmine H.
    Jasmine HsuOutubro 8, 2014
    fav spot for an excellent latte and some reading
  • Fanny D.
    Fanny DoucetFevereiro 23, 2013
    They have olive oil cake by the slice!
  • Calvin M.
    Calvin MultanenJunho 7, 2015
    Trendy scene. Coffee is excellent
  • Hector
    HectorJunho 9, 2015
    Iced coffee is truly delicious. Great spot for people watching
  • kim d.
    kim drewNovembro 16, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    the men are sweethearts! the women will ignore you for a hot NYU grad student.
  • WEI W.
    WEI WEIMaio 13, 2016
    Draft latte is great!
  • Lior Y.
    Lior YanayAgosto 23, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Ignoring the quality of the drinks / pastries for a second, why not having 2 registers working instead of one? Why waiting in line for over 10 minutes for a cookie?
  • Serena
    SerenaAbril 15, 2012
    love this place, in theory, but the lack of soy really blows.
  • Mark J.
    Mark JansenMarço 4, 2013
    Incredible coffee. Do yourself a favor and stay a while.
  • Caroline C.
    Caroline ChungMaio 29, 2016
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Great space for coffee, catch ups and people watching.
  • Philip R.
    Philip RaeMarço 7, 2016
    The Pure Black, Almond Latte, Americano & everything else.
  • Hallie L.
    Hallie LiangJulho 23, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    Nothing in the city is better than their iced coffees, cappuccinos, lattes, etc. Believe me, I've been looking.
  • Laurie
    LaurieJunho 2, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    The iced coffee is amazing!!!!
  • Ian K.
    Ian KollmarDezembro 21, 2011
    Best coffee I've had anywhere in the U.S. honestly incredible
  • César P.
    César PérezOutubro 15, 2013
    Beautiful and efficient café, gross burnt coffee.
  • Sean S.
    Sean SalmonNovembro 21, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 50 vezes!
    Pick up some bottled cold brew to take with you. Delicious.
  • Shantanu J.
    Shantanu JoshiDezembro 12, 2014
    Love the coffee. Espresso drinks are alright.
  • Vincent H.
    Vincent HigginsMaio 22, 2013
    Free cold, room temp and sparkling water. Well done
  • Billy S.
    Billy SaltsJunho 8, 2013
    There's a reason why the lines are killer! Trust me
  • PAt B.
    PAt B resingJunho 28, 2012
    Free seltzer on tap in the back. Just grab a glass cup!
  • April Z.
    April ZhaoNovembro 23, 2014
    I really like the lattes here!
  • Patrick B.
    Patrick BaskinDezembro 22, 2014
    Strong coffee, usually has a line though
  • Courtney M.
    Courtney MayoMaio 30, 2013
    The olive oil bread is a MUST. I die.
  • Derek T. K.
    Derek T. KuAgosto 8, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    Shoutout to Dory, Doug, and Felipe. Very friendly staff here.
  • Florencia 🦄 H.
    Amazing Coffee, very foamy ! ;)
  • Jorge M.
    Jorge ManchenoSetembro 19, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 50 vezes!
    Get the chocolate chocolate cookie. It's absolutely ridiculous!
  • Carolyn T.
    Carolyn TrawinskiAbril 19, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Get a four-espresso-shot Americano for $2.50 - amazing deal!
  • Robert A.
    Robert AmezquitaSetembro 26, 2015
    That Black and Tan on draft! Cool digs and hot brews.
  • Josef P.
    Josef PfeifferAgosto 7, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    It's like the New York version of the Creamery in SF
  • Hannah P.
    Hannah PAbril 5, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    best iced coffee in new york city, hands down.
  • Djaniella D.
    Djaniella D.Abril 14, 2015
    One if my favorite iced lattes around! Hold back on the sugar - the latte is milky, smooth, and has just the right flavor on its own. Highly recommend!
  • Hatis A.
    Hatis A.Ö.Julho 29, 2014
    Latte & cevizli cookie mükemmel
  • Laurance Y.
    Laurance YoungerNovembro 17, 2015
    This kind of chipped crockery I can cope with
  • Isaac R.
    Isaac RadnitzerSetembro 6, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Cool atmosphere, the lack of a menu is freaking me out a bit tho
  • Gina F.
    Gina FelicianoJunho 19, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    Black gold is a must. Crack for coffee drinkers
  • Jorge M.
    Jorge ManchenoFevereiro 26, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 50 vezes!
    Come for the coffee. Stay for the models.
  • Saarim Z.
    Saarim ZamanJunho 30, 2015
    come here to get a dank iced coffee so you can feeeel
  • Victor C.
    Victor ChenJaneiro 2, 2016
    Get the draft latte without ice. So good!
  • Sahil K.
    Sahil KathawalaJulho 8, 2015
    Iced coffee is STRONG, couple sips in and I'm wired
  • Ashley S.
    Ashley SimonDezembro 7, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    If you work here you have to wear a hat. Thems the rules.
  • Lena
    LenaMarço 2, 2015
    Битая посуда но вкусный кофе)
  • Harrison W.
    Harrison WeberJulho 8, 2012
    There is no WiFi FYI. Still worth going for the coffee.
  • Sharon C.
    Sharon ChangJunho 14, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Best iced coffee ever. I wish it didn't close so early though...
  • Clay N.
    Clay NielsenDezembro 28, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    The cold press coffee will keep you up for weeks.... Not brewed for the weak.
  • Eric H.
    Eric HinmanJaneiro 13, 2015
    Flat white to kick-start the day!
  • K
    KAgosto 15, 2015
    Good coffee, worth trying.
  • minnie m.
    minnie mAbril 22, 2016
    Draft latte with a splash of simple syrup so good!!!
  • Christopher L.
    Christopher LornSetembro 8, 2016
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Perfect pit stop for an iced americano
  • Esther L.
    Esther LeibelDezembro 4, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Amazing cappuccino! Think Coffee won't see me anymore :-)
  • Arseny A.
    Arseny AristovNovembro 2, 2015
    Pretty good coffe, nice red-eye
  • Vanessa S.
    Vanessa ShyuMaio 8, 2016
    This place has long lines/waits, even at off-peak times like Sunday 4pm.
  • Tim d.
    Tim de GierSetembro 22, 2012
    Death. Serious. Coffee. But a nice place nevertheless. No laptop-policy.
  • A A.
    A AlejandroJunho 7, 2017
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Their iced coffee is amazing
  • Jill T.
    Jill TannenbaumAbril 21, 2013
    Awesome cortado
  • lucas c.
    lucas companJaneiro 27, 2016
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Their coffee isn't just a coffee. It's a story
  • Bloomberg TV HD
    Bloomberg TV HDNovembro 28, 2012
    A third of Americans do not drink coffee while around 16% drink more than three cups a day.
  • John C.
    John CampbellAbril 19, 2015
    One of the best coffee places in the city
  • Mat R.
    Mat RickAgosto 1, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    If you're in NYC visiting your girlfriend and miss San Francisco coffee, come here.
  • Michele M.
    Michele MolierNovembro 24, 2013
    Come in when Curtis is working, he plays the dope jams.
  • Leo C.
    Leo CellSetembro 18, 2016
    Delicious coffee and Desert 💘👏🏻
  • Timothy J.
    Timothy JMaio 18, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    beware of guard dogs
  • Jimin Y.
    Jimin YooAbril 24, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    Sometimes the lines are ridiculously long but it's always worth the wait
  • Kathryn I.
    Kathryn IJulho 19, 2016
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Bring a book for your 20-min wait in line.
  • Pratheeksha K.
    Pratheeksha KSAbril 15, 2016
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Draft latte and pretzel croissants!
  • Daniel K.
    Daniel KronovetJulho 8, 2016
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    Cold brew tastes like chocolate milk 😍😍
  • Xotchiltl V.
    Xotchiltl VasquezMarço 14, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Word on the street is they "will soon have Hemp Milk"
  • Jessica
    JessicaAgosto 22, 2015
    These plates are cute.
  • Aaron C.
    Aaron ColmanSetembro 5, 2013
    Try anything made on the Alpha Dominche
  • Tijl D.
    Tijl Dhe NijeJunho 7, 2013
    Best Cappachino I had since being in NY
  • heather d.
    heather doughertyJulho 14, 2017
    Love the draft lattes
  • Shpak I.
    Shpak IrinaJulho 17, 2015
    Very lovely & cute coffee shop
  • Gina F.
    Gina FelicianoJunho 5, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    Live the coffee, the vibe, the space!
  • Trevor K.
    Trevor KivJulho 26, 2017
    Black & tans are phenomenal
  • Khalil i.
    Khalil ibitefoodFevereiro 24, 2015
    Great cappuccino
  • Gina F.
    Gina FelicianoAbril 29, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    Must try the pure black! Delish
  • Elysia M.
    Elysia MannFevereiro 12, 2015
    Espresso will really get you goin'
  • Christine B.
    Christine BuzanAbril 18, 2012
    How can the most pretentious coffee shop in NY not have soy milk?
  • Elena N.
    Elena NadolnyJaneiro 31, 2012
    Great coffee & nice ambience.
  • Emily W.
    Emily WilsonJulho 8, 2015
  • Thomas W.
    Thomas WendtFevereiro 4, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    I would come here way more often if they had soy milk and wifi.
  • Sunny 🌞
    Sunny 🌞Agosto 24, 2015
    One of the best in the city.
  • Saleem
    SaleemMaio 10, 2015
    Good, strong iced coffee here
  • Adya S.
    Adya SinhaFevereiro 5, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Croissant, croissant, croissant!
  • Sarah S.
    Sarah SDezembro 29, 2013
    I don't take coffee seriously enough for this place. Coffee elitists only
  • Alyssa K.
    Alyssa KovacsJunho 19, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    The absolute best Americano of my life
  • Michael J.
    Michael JaccarinoDezembro 17, 2013
    Best espresso in New York.
  • Victoria M.
    Victoria MazzukiOutubro 18, 2016
    The draft latte is like drinking a cloud.
  • Lily
    LilyJulho 25, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    New draft latte is an A++
  • Florencia 🦄 H.
    Florencia 🦄 HorowitzNovembro 27, 2015
    Perfection in Coffee ☕️
  • Food Republic
    Food RepublicJunho 4, 2012
    Lattes don't get much better than this and we dig the chill vibe.
  • Karl W.
    Karl With A "K"Dezembro 30, 2016
    It's a walk but they have more seating.
  • Amanda
    AmandaSetembro 5, 2013
    Don't order a size or milk for your iced coffee, you'll just get a weird look.
  • Phatgoose
    PhatgooseDezembro 31, 2011
    Must experience the iced latte!
  • Saif D.
    Saif DiaAgosto 7, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    Iced lattes now available on tap
  • Lonnie K.
    Lonnie KahoeAgosto 27, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Better coffee than the crap around NYU, and cheaper to boot! None of that, "Your total is $3.87" mess.
  • Javier L.
    Javier LorenzoOutubro 5, 2015
    Draft iced latte
  • Georg
    GeorgDezembro 30, 2015
    Breakfast :)
  • Aditi L.
    Aditi LuthraOutubro 20, 2017
    They have oat milk now!!
  • elise
    eliseMaio 19, 2013
    Love the sparking water tap!
  • Patti F.
    Patti FirrinciliAgosto 10, 2014
    Fall in live with coffee all over again.
  • Caroline D.
    Caroline DengSetembro 6, 2015
    Iced Black and Tan coffee.
  • Sarah
    SarahDezembro 21, 2016
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Draft latte is a must
  • Yuri K.
    Yuri KimMaio 2, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 50 vezes!
    Iced coffee here = great stuff
  • Lyndsey L.
    Lyndsey LaBonteeJunho 19, 2012
    Try the olive bread. :)
  • allison m.
    allison mccannMarço 20, 2012
    There are three options for water here: cold, sparkling, or room temp. ?! Bahahaha
  • Mary C.
    Mary CatherineOutubro 3, 2015
    Black and Tan is a must
  • Ms H.
    Ms HeleneDezembro 13, 2012
    No soy milk here. Coffee was very bitter without depth too. Double :(
  • Linda K.
    Linda K.Fevereiro 1, 2014
    Best iced latte. Ever.
  • Hannah G.
    Hannah GMAgosto 20, 2016
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Absolute best iced coffee ever.
  • Austen P.
    Austen ParisJulho 6, 2015
    Best coffee in the neighborhood
  • Marianna V.
    Marianna VitoroulisNovembro 7, 2012
    Best coffee on the Northeast!
  • Hannah P.
    Hannah PMarço 24, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    best iced coffee in the city.
  • Neel B.
    Neel BhargavaMarço 29, 2015
    Music in here is on point
  • D S.
    D SicJunho 2, 2016
    Black and Tan is great!
  • Michael Dylan F.
    Michael Dylan FerraraFevereiro 6, 2016
    Espresso 👌🏽
  • Alice N.
    Alice NamOutubro 25, 2015
    Draft latte now available!
  • Adya S.
    Adya SinhaJunho 21, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    I cannot get enough of the chocolate croissant
  • Michael B.
    Michael BradleyNovembro 11, 2016
    Coffee, ambiance.
  • Kevin C.
    Kevin ChanJulho 1, 2012
    Order a lotta
  • NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development
    Nice spot for a meet-up!
  • Sonja
    SonjaJulho 4, 2016
    Best coffee in town!!
  • Erica B.
    Erica BergerMarço 17, 2012
    There is no soy milk, nor any dairy alternative...
  • TAMMY G.
    TAMMY GIAJaneiro 2, 2015
    COFFEE! As it should be!
  • Aviv G.
    Aviv GadotAbril 28, 2015
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    My favorite ice coffee
  • Mark M.
    Mark MunroJunho 11, 2015
    Brilliant Americano.
  • Eliot L.
    Eliot LAbril 22, 2016
    Draft latte
  • Kimmie O.
    Kimmie OhhDezembro 6, 2014
    Get a cappuccino here
  • J Crowley
    J CrowleyNovembro 22, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Liquid sugar is thick thick thick. You only need a splash to sweeten up your cappy.
  • Danny C.
    Danny ChangMarço 4, 2016
    Long wait with not enough space. The coffee isn't even good.
  • Jamie C.
    Jamie CornettMaio 11, 2012
    Best iced coffee in the city.
  • Maykel L.
    Maykel LoomansAgosto 23, 2014
    Great latte.
  • Daniel K.
    Daniel KronovetAbril 14, 2017
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    Cold brew tastes like chocolate milk!
  • Mat B.
    Mat BrownAbril 4, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 50 vezes!
    The days of reasonable lines here seem to be over. But at least it's a pleasant, un-cramped place to wait a while.
  • Kent W.
    Kent WilhelmMaio 29, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 100 vezes!
    Everyone that works here is awesome.
  • Kaya S.
    Kaya SahadiMaio 8, 2015
    Love their coffee!
  • Stephen B.
    Stephen BradleyFevereiro 10, 2016
    Good pretentious coffee
  • .oo.
    .oo.Julho 25, 2013
    The line is a joke no matter what time of the day; why would anyone ever put up with this??
  • Camilla C.
    Camilla CAbril 2, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    always a long line here... always.
  • Kristina
    KristinaMarço 28, 2013
    I <3 the staff
  • Katie T.
    Katie TJunho 5, 2013
    No wifi here. Maybe that's for the better anyways.
  • John M.
    John MurrayJulho 18, 2015
    Was left very unimpressed. Don't know why this place is so hyped up. So many better options in the area...
  • Gagan R.
    Gagan RanaDezembro 9, 2012
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    50 cent refills on coffee! Boom.
  • Andy W.
    Andy WonDezembro 30, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 25 vezes!
    At last! A La Colombe with a bathroom.
  • Brad P.
    Brad ParkDezembro 17, 2011
    Iced black bottled coffee
  • Chaniya S.
    Chaniya SuebsanguanDezembro 6, 2016
    Hot chocolate is AWFUL!
  • Tiffany
    TiffanyAgosto 17, 2014
    iced coffee for 3.50
  • Sarit W.
    Sarit WishnevskiAgosto 20, 2012
    For the dairy challenged: "sorry but we don't do soy"
  • Matt H.
    Matt HantzAbril 22, 2016
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    No wifi. 🤔
  • Ohilikechickn ..
    Ohilikechickn .2 semanas atrás
    Aaaaaalll good. But No WiFi
  • Alan T.
    Alan TreadwayDezembro 27, 2017
    Totally awesome!
  • Paul N.
    Paul NoonanMaio 26, 2014
    Ugh the iced coffee is NOT cold-brewed...
  • Anna
    AnnaDezembro 29, 2013
    Ice coffee
  • Christopher S.
    Christopher ShadeAbril 13, 2013
    Coffee is good; lines are way too long.
  • Xotchiltl V.
    Xotchiltl VasquezAbril 9, 2014
    Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes!
    Hemp milk has arrived 👍
  • Bentley F.
    Bentley FerrainaJulho 14, 2015
    Coffee is good, but long waits aren't
  • Mike F.
    Mike FabbriMaio 22, 2013
    No wifi, and seats are uncomfortable. Decent coffee though
  • James
    JamesOutubro 28, 2015
  • Nick C.
    Nick CrockerDezembro 9, 2013
  • al a.
    al alamaniJunho 5, 2012
    Crack coffee!!!
  • Christina Y.
    Christina Y.Julho 13, 2013
    Esteve aqui mais de 5 vezes!
    Pure Black to get up & get going
  • Haruno Y.
    Haruno YuasaJaneiro 3, 2016
    ビターで甘さ控えめのHot Chocolateはとても美味しい!
  • Hiroki M.
    Hiroki MurakamiSetembro 7, 2014
    Bummer, no WIFI.
  • Matt S.
    Matt SilvermanSetembro 17, 2012
    No spitting.
  • Maria Da C.
    Maria Da ConceiçãoNovembro 27, 2013
    ola galera
  • Chelsea R.
    Chelsea ReganDezembro 11, 2011
    Free seltz!
  • Kent W.
    Kent WilhelmNovembro 12, 2011
    Esteve aqui mais de 100 vezes!
    Looks like no WiFi unfortunately.
  • Laura C.
    Laura CovingtonNovembro 26, 2011
    They "don't do" soy.
  • timoni w.
    timoni westAbril 9, 2013
    No soy, lactards. :(
  • Benjamin C.
    Benjamin ChristianMaio 6, 2014
    Overrated. Overpriced.
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