Corner Bistro

Corner Bistro

Hamburgueria e Bar · West Village
331 W 4th St (at Jane St), Nova Iorque, NY 10014, Estados Unidos
Aberto até 4:00 (Mostrar mais)
  • Seg–Sex
    • 11:30–4:00
  • Sáb
    • 11:30–Meia-noite
  • Dom
    • Meio-dia–4:00
Almoço, Jantar
Cerveja, Vinho, Bar completo, Coquetéis
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Corner Bistro, the last of the bohemian bars in West Greenwich Village, has been serving customers since the earlier part of this century. The original ambience is pretty much unchanged, and we like to keep it that way!


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    Andrew F.
    "Bistro burger (bistrôs) at the bar and a beer for under $10, best value in NYC"(86 dicas)
    Dan M.
    "Great on the burgers and you can mix it with ketchup for the fries (batata frita)."(59 dicas)
    Pedro A.
    "Burger delicioso a um preço justo."(2 dicas)
    Mara M.
    "Amazing burger, good beer (cerveja), sticky floor is part of the ambiance ppl!"(52 dicas)
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  • Pedro A.
    Burger delicioso a um preço justo. Já as batatas não estão à altura. Vá se estiver por perto, não vale uma viagem de longe da área só pra experimentar.
    Pedro Almeida · Janeiro 26, 2015
  • Will P.
    Melhor burger sem frescuras. Simples, direto e delicioso. A McSorley acompanhando é um show a parte. Te atira!
    Will Prestes · Maio 19, 2013
  • Rafael P.
    Pra ser o melhor hambúrguer do Mundo e ser tão famoso falta muito.... Lugar velho, caindo aos pedaços. Hambúrguer sem sal, sem tempero.... Não recomendo !!!
    Rafael Pimpao · Setembro 7, 2012
    muito com o pão com ovo frito daqui kkkkkkkkkkk
    TIMBETA CAMPANHA TIM BETA LAB · Novembro 2, 2012
  • Luciana C.
    É bom, preços bacanas, mas achei meio overrated
    Luciana C. · Agosto 31, 2015
  • Felipe S.
    A fila vale a pena. Melhor hambúrguer de New York :)
    Felipe Santarelli · Abril 29, 2012
  • Juliano C.
    Pub antigo com hambúrgueres muito bons
    Juliano Carvalho · Maio 22, 2015
  • Maxmiliano H.
    Muito legal.
    Maxmiliano Holanda · Outubro 17, 2012
  • Bruno D.
    Cheeseeburger!!!! Amazing!
    Bruno DAlmeida · Agosto 26, 2015
  • Oscar A.
    Oscar Anjos · Dezembro 1, 2012
  • Maxmiliano H.
    Muito Bom!
    Maxmiliano Holanda · Outubro 17, 2012
  • Chad H.
    the bistro burger offers great value (less than $10), but isn't going to knock your socks off. the best thing about this place is the retro vibe, especially the awesome neon sign out front
    Chad Horner · Fevereiro 16
  • New York Habitat
    In the lovely West Village you can get a burger and a beer for just over 10 bucks, a steal for the quality! Add in the fact that it's 24 hours and you've got a perfect spot for lunch or late night!
    New York Habitat · Outubro 25, 2011
  • Compass
    Come to this old-timey bar and restaurant for the Bistro Burger: a mess of meat, cheese, and bacon that can’t be beat. Cheap mugs of beer, and old school New York charm make this place a classic.
    Compass · Julho 24, 2013
  • Time Out New York
    The burger here is a behemoth; a half-pound of broiled New England beef (sirloin, chuck & top round) is piled high with American cheese, tomato, iceberg lettuce & deep-fried ruffles of bacon. (RC) Leia mais
    Time Out New York · Agosto 7, 2013
  • Josiah David C.
    Perfect aesthetic. From the red neon sign at the iconic West Village street corner, to the simply classy dining room and bar, the bistro doesn't disappoint. The classic burger is a must have.
    Josiah David Chapman · Junho 1, 2015
  • Men's Health Mag
    Order the bistro burger—it can kill you if it so desires. Wash it down with dirt-cheap beer from the tap. You’ll want to sit near the front, at the giant windows, to watch passersby drool as you chew.
    Men's Health Mag · Novembro 10, 2011
  • Barth M.
    7.75$ for the Burger Bistro and 2.50 for french fries so very cheap. Burger is amazing with a very large steak, not fat and french fries aren't so salt. It miss just one thing : a home made sauce.
    Barth Monnier · Setembro 15, 2011
  • TAMMY G.
    Sit at the bar! the night waiter always has a stick up his *ss. He always gets the orders wrong, and he is never around to bring more beer. Always check ur bill because he adds 20% on top of tax!
    TAMMY GIA · Setembro 13, 2011
  • Frank S.
    Some wouldn't put Corner Bistro on their Top Burger List, Many would! Wanna know why? Way before the whole recent Burger Craze of Late, The Corner Bistro was #1 Top Choice Best Burger NY for 30 Years
    Frank S · Fevereiro 21, 2012
  • Danielle W.
    I swear the fries are reheated/refried McDonald's fries. Other than that, pretty good place. The chili burger is messy (to be expected) & delicious. Should be $1-2 less than it is but what can ya do.
    Danielle Williams · Janeiro 3, 2013
  • Cap'n Slipp
    They've certainly come a long way from their “best burger” and “cheap bite” accolades. Now (2014) it's more like “good burger” and “rather expensive considering the small portions”. Well done, guys.
    Cap'n Slipp · Maio 28, 2014
  • Graham J.
    I've been eating burgers at the Corner Bistro for over 12 years...solid stuff, but try their fries. They cook them in the same oil as the bacon so there is a hint of bacon-y goodness in every bite.
    Graham James · Outubro 4, 2009
  • Curtis S.
    Just do as. Bistro burger is a solid $10 burger. Fat burger, cheese, pickle, bacon, lettuce, tomato. Oh and there's chili cheese fries not on the menu for $7
    Curtis Shoung · Janeiro 31, 2015
  • Jessica S.
    Great burger but definitely not top 5. Plus: decided to add bacon to this burger and it was actually crispy (without even asking)!!! Pet peeve is raw-ish bacon on a burger (or anything really).
    Jessica Stark · Setembro 25, 2012
  • Geoff K.
    Cheap 3.4: A West Village institution. It's a grungy bar which serves simple burgers and good fries. Great place to waste an afternoon over a couple of beers and a solid burger and fries. Leia mais
    Geoff Kim · Janeiro 15, 2012
  • Michael M.
    Very good burgers, but super thick patty. You'll have to wait, which is annoying. Maybe the cheapest beer in the city, so its decent to just grab a drink at the bar if it isn't peak hours.
    Michael Muse · Agosto 16, 2014
  • Halstead Property
    Keeping it simple and ordering the Bistro Burger – we fell in love with the juiciness of the large burger and the way the crispy, thick bacon and melted American cheese complimented it impeccably.
    Halstead Property · Outubro 7, 2013
  • Tom H.
    No frills, just a juicy burger, solid fries, and plenty of McSorley's. Lines get long starting at dinner, but lunch is a breeze. The earlier the better if you're planning dinner.
    Tom Halleran · Maio 17, 2015
  • DoubleDeuce
    It's probably not worth it to wait in the line but definitely worth a visit at some other point in the day. Personally, I think that for the price, the grilled cheese is not worth a second purchase.
    DoubleDeuce · Dezembro 14, 2014
  • Adrian P.
    Full bar with cheap drinks, massive hamburgers ( < $10) and fries. It's great value and cash only (ATM inside if you forgot cash). A "Bistroburger" is a cheeseburger with bacon.
    Adrian Phillips · Fevereiro 2
  • Kristoffer S.
    Get the Bistro Burger and don't arrive hungry or else you will starve to death in the line. Eat at the counter if you are alone and order a Light or a Dark from McSorley's to accompany.
    Kristoffer Skjæringrud · Outubro 14, 2010
  • Ray L.
    Bistro Burger, fries and a McSorley's beer (light or dark) is one of the best dining trifectas in all of NYC. Personally, I think it's the best burger in Manhattan.
    Ray Lin · Junho 30, 2015
  • Itamar H.
    First of all it's super annoying that the place is cash only (with a rip-off atm in-house of course). As to the food- the chili burger is great but the fries are just plainly bad...
    Itamar Hauser · Outubro 7, 2014
  • Drew F.
    The menu is famously short – a plain 9oz hamburger ($5.75), or one with cheese ($6), or bacon and cheese ($6.75). Burgers are charboiled and served on a paper plate. You're welcome.
    Drew Frey · Abril 12, 2013
  • Paddy
    Nice place. Very old school. Heard great things about the burgers but found myself disappointed. The beef tasted unseasoned and bland. Same for the beef in the chili fries. Beers are cheap.
    Paddy · Abril 16
  • Original Penguin
    Who cares if you have to wait for eons? Once the waiter drops down a paper plate with the best burger in town, worries go out the window. Carve your name in the wood table and leave your mark.
    Original Penguin · Outubro 26, 2010
  • Damian B.
    One of NYC's classic burgers, simple and delicious with an unassuming ambience. Great for a date or a burger break with the boys. Expect long lines on weekend nights.
    Damian Bayona · Janeiro 12
  • Brian S.
    STAY IN LINE! If the host tells you 15 minutes for a table (even if there is no line), you have to STAND at the sign, otherwise, if you grab a drink at the bar, they assume you are no longer hungry.
    Brian Szczepanski · Agosto 13, 2013
  • Leah H.
    Perhaps my fave cheap no frills burg. Massive & under $10! Med-rare is perfect and not too rare. Honestly, doesn't even need the cheese.
    Leah Hammerschlag · Janeiro 9, 2015
  • Francesca C.
    Bistroburger all the way + fries. Mine asked medium rare was more medium, thick and juicy tho!! The only very very disappointing thing is that everything is served in plastic plates... Really?!
    Francesca Castelli · Março 26, 2015
  • angelo w.
    This is probably one of my favorite burger spots in the city. I recomend the bistro burger w/ side of fries and McSorleys beer. Cheap burgers and beers, you cant beat it.
    angelo w · Agosto 31, 2010
  • Chase B.
    Top 3 best burgers of my life. Bistro burger rocked. Cool atmosphere too.. its easy to see why this place gets visited by great chefs and network food shows.
    Chase Burnett · Setembro 2, 2013
  • ZZubin
    Bistro burger is indeed one of the best in the city: bacon is flavorful and it's amazing that a patty this thick can be juicy, flavorful and not at all gross
    ZZubin · Outubro 31, 2014
  • Eileen
    No brainer: bistro burger is the best but the burgers err on the rare side so be cautious when ordering if you don't like your meat pink. The line is worth the wait.
    Eileen · Setembro 12, 2010
  • Emily R.
    This West Village institution, which touts itself as one of the last bohemian bars in the area, is well known for the burger that lurks within its small, dark confines.
    Emily Ryan · Agosto 22, 2011
  • Bob D.
    Still the best burger in Town and maybe anywhere. A blue moon or Mc Sorleys goes great!!!....Come hungry, but don't come late....YOU WILL HAVE A LONG LINE!!!
    Bob Diamond · Julho 17, 2011
  • Fred C.
    Seriously overrated. Acclaimed Bistro Burger tastes just like a patty of tasteless ground beef. Would be okay if it was from any corner greasy spoon and cost $2.50. Fries are equally disappointing.
    Fred Camino · Agosto 24, 2013
  • Ana C.
    Bistro Burger is one if the things not to be missed while in nyc. Go during the day to avoid the crowd ;) Amazing burger, nice atmosphere, great value!
    Ana Caiado · Agosto 30, 2015
  • Michael M.
    Zagat ranks this pretty consistently as the top burger in NY. Its got a cool NY vibe to it and the burger is great, even if I wouldnt rank it #1.
    Michael Muse · Dezembro 14, 2014

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