Corner Bistro

Corner Bistro

Hamburgueria e Bar
331 W 4th St (at Jane St), Nova Iorque, NY 10014, Estados Unidos
Aberto até 4:00 (Mostrar mais)
  • Seg–Sex
    • 11:30–4:00
  • Sáb
    • 11:30–Meia-noite
  • Dom
    • Meio-dia–4:00
$ $ $ $
Brunch, Almoço, Jantar
Cerveja, Bar completo
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Corner Bistro, the last of the bohemian bars in West Greenwich Village, has been serving customers since the earlier part of this century. The original ambience is pretty much unchanged, and we like to keep it that way!


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    Pedro A.
    Burger delicioso a um preço justo. Já as batatas...(2 dicas)
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  • Juliano C.

    Pub antigo com hambúrgueres muito bons

    Juliano Carvalho · 18 horas atrás
  • Tom H.

    No frills, just a juicy burger, solid fries, and plenty of McSorley's. Lines get long starting at dinner, but lunch is a breeze. The earlier the better if you're planning dinner.

    Tom Halleran · 5 dias atrás
  • Syriah B.

    One of my fav joints in New York. Great prices and chilled out staff.

    Syriah Bailey · Abril 3
  • Charlie S.


    Charlie Sneath · Março 28
  • Francesca C.

    Bistroburger all the way + fries. Mine asked medium rare was more medium, thick and juicy tho!! The only very very disappointing thing is that everything is served in plastic plates... Really?!

    Francesca Castelli · Março 26
  • Lexi N.

    It's all about my Tom!

    Lexi N · Fevereiro 22
  • Mabru C.

    best burger in Manhattan. amazing

    Mabru C. · Fevereiro 21
  • Marc M.

    Surly bartenders and great burgers. This place is perfect.

    Marc Mayer · Fevereiro 21
  • Jennie D.

    One of the best burgers in the city and so cheap. A burger and a beer for under $15 just can't be beat. P.S. order the chili cheese fries

    Jennie D. · Fevereiro 20
  • Anthony P.

    Impressively cheap cocktails. Cash only—come prepared.

    Anthony Popeo · Fevereiro 20
  • Jason P.

    Very cheap, decent / good burgers

    Jason Paver · Fevereiro 17
  • Lonzo N.

    Williams Connolly Consulting Group Attorneys: Welcome Message Leia mais

    Lonzo Nut · Fevereiro 12
  • Curtis S.

    Just do as. Bistro burger is a solid $10 burger. Fat burger, cheese, pickle, bacon, lettuce, tomato. Oh and there's chili cheese fries not on the menu for $7

    Curtis Shoung · Janeiro 31
  • Pedro A.

    Burger delicioso a um preço justo. Já as batatas não estão à altura. Vá se estiver por perto, não vale uma viagem de longe da área só pra experimentar.

    Pedro Almeida · Janeiro 26
  • Rani

    The cheeseburger! so damn good (and i'm not a burger fan). and cheap drinks! Fries were basic though, meh.

    Rani · Janeiro 14
  • Elliot W.

    Bistro burger, fries, and a McSorley Dark. Ultimate combo meal. Affordable prices as well

    Elliot Wehner · Janeiro 11
  • Leah H.

    Perhaps my fave cheap no frills burg. Massive & under $10! Med-rare is perfect and not too rare. Honestly, doesn't even need the cheese.

    Leah Hammerschlag · Janeiro 9
  • Guía P.

    Los 5 lugares que no debes perderte (jamás) si visitas estas Navidades Nueva York (Corner Bistro) Leia mais

    Guía Planeting · Janeiro 5
  • sake K.

    Get ready to unleash your inner fattie: burgers, fries, chili, beers

    sake Knockout · Janeiro 3
  • James M.

    This place is fantastic. With Tap draft beers under $4 and $7.99 burgers, you can't loose.

    James Martin · Janeiro 2
  • Ryan A.

    Heated seats opposite the bar keep your buns toasty

    Ryan Ambs · Dezembro 20, 2014
  • Michael M.

    Zagat ranks this pretty consistently as the top burger in NY. Its got a cool NY vibe to it and the burger is great, even if I wouldnt rank it #1.

    Michael Muse · Dezembro 14, 2014
  • DoubleDeuce

    It's probably not worth it to wait in the line but definitely worth a visit at some other point in the day. Personally, I think that for the price, the grilled cheese is not worth a second purchase.

    DoubleDeuce · Dezembro 14, 2014
  • Tarik H.

    Obviously the burgers, but in case you need to use a pay phone, don't sweat it, they have you covered.

    Tarik Hart · Dezembro 13, 2014
  • Mike M.

    Great atmosphere, great prices

    Mike Murphy · Dezembro 12, 2014
  • Meg D.

    You think you go here for the burgers, but the chicken sammy is to die for.

    Meg Dube · Dezembro 11, 2014
  • Ellen V.

    Great find. Chicken sandwich perfect!

    Ellen Vickers · Dezembro 5, 2014
  • Andrew C.

    Go for a Bistro Burger and a traditional dark McSorley's to wash it down. Cash only, fellas.

    Andrew Choi · Dezembro 4, 2014
  • Mike S.

    Great burger and fries to-go. Put your order in and grab a McSorley's while you wait ($3!)

    Mike Singleton · Novembro 13, 2014
  • Grant H.

    If you don't get a bistro burger and're doing it wrong. Ps: Cash Only.

    Grant Hewit · Novembro 11, 2014
  • Grace L.

    The days of $6 burgers are long gone. The bistro burger is $9.75 right now.

    Grace L · Novembro 11, 2014
  • ZZubin

    Bistro burger is indeed one of the best in the city: bacon is flavorful and it's amazing that a patty this thick can be juicy, flavorful and not at all gross

    ZZubin · Outubro 31, 2014
  • Itamar H.

    First of all it's super annoying that the place is cash only (with a rip-off atm in-house of course). As to the food- the chili burger is great but the fries are just plainly bad...

    Itamar Hauser · Outubro 7, 2014
  • Sara B.

    The fries are crispy thin and so tasty!

    Sara Bigwood · Setembro 20, 2014
  • E V.

    Burger and chili 😁

    E Vaughan · Setembro 19, 2014
  • Melissa T.

    Bistro Burger is amazing. And super big. Great late night food ✌️

    Melissa Tsang · Setembro 12, 2014
  • Dan M.

    Get mayo with your burger. Great on the burgers and you can mix it with ketchup for the fries.

    Dan Miller · Setembro 6, 2014
  • Valentine H.

    Bistro burger

    Valentine Hu · Agosto 25, 2014
  • Michael M.

    Very good burgers, but super thick patty. You'll have to wait, which is annoying. Maybe the cheapest beer in the city, so its decent to just grab a drink at the bar if it isn't peak hours.

    Michael Muse · Agosto 16, 2014
  • Natalia S.

    Best burger in town, hands down. Bistro keeps it classic and simple

    Natalia Shurigina · Agosto 15, 2014
  • Sandra R.

    It's rare to find a burger this well done. 🍔

    Sandra Rubinchik · Agosto 13, 2014
  • Dane B.

    Definitely not the best burger in NYC, but it's certainly not totally overrated either. I wouldn't frown on it being placed on a top 10 list.

    Dane B · Agosto 10, 2014
  • samantha h.

    Bistro Burger. McSorley's Dark. Fries. Tasty and cheap. Can't go wrong except for if there is a wait.

    samantha hankins · Agosto 10, 2014
  • Brett R.

    Burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burg

    Brett Ruiz · Agosto 9, 2014
  • Red F.

    The classic. Bistro Burger rare, fries, one dark, one light.

    Red Fabbri · Agosto 8, 2014
  • Michael P.

    $2 Yeungling duhh

    Michael Portanova · Agosto 7, 2014
  • Udi R.

    No doubt, this place serves one of the best burgers in the city. Together with good music (From a jukebox) and good beer, this is a winner.

    Udi Rubin · Julho 8, 2014
  • Brendan L.

    Fun fact: Before leaving office, Bloomberg signed a law allowing you to punch a friend in the face if they order a chicken sandwich instead of a Bistro Burger,

    Brendan Lewis · Junho 28, 2014
  • Kira F.

    Medium rare makes the buns disintegrate so maybe go for medium. French fries are perfect, don't forget to add salt

    Kira Fisher · Junho 12, 2014
  • Cap'n Slipp

    They've certainly come a long way from their “best burger” and “cheap bite” accolades. Now (2014) it's more like “good burger” and “rather expensive considering the small portions”. Well done, guys.

    Cap'n Slipp · Maio 28, 2014

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