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Tudor Leu

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New York
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Buenos Aires
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Rio de Janeiro
1 Lista criada · 12 Dicas
3 Listas criadas! · 5 Dicas
1 Lista criada · 6 Dicas
1 Lista criada · 2 Dicas
Petaling Jaya
1 Lista criada · 2 Dicas
San Francisco
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Kuala Lumpur
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Listas recentes de Tudor
Tudor Leu
16 locais atualizados Março 22, 2016
16 lugares incluindo Village Park Restaurant, Yut Kee Restaurant 镒记茶餐室, 鄉村槽雞飯店 Village Chicken Restaurant, Dancing Fish Malay-Indo Cuisine
Tudor Leu
15 locais atualizados Março 21, 2016
15 lugares incluindo Snake Temple 蛇廟, Lam Heng Cafe (姐妹炒粿条 Sister's Char Koay Teow), Nyonya Breeze Desire, Gurney Drive Hawker Centre
Tudor Leu
18 locais atualizados Março 15, 2016
18 lugares incluindo Little Breizh, Pont des Arts, Pierre Hermé, Jardim de Luxemburgo
Tudor Leu
31 locais atualizados Outubro 6, 2013
Things to do in Chicago
Tudor Leu
9 locais atualizados Janeiro 12, 2014
My favorites in Brooklyn so far. This list is a work in progress.
Tudor Leu
9 locais atualizados Dezembro 5, 2012
9 lugares incluindo Cuisine Cuisine, The Lobby, Felix, YMCA of Hong Kong
    Dicas recentes de Tudor
    "Their coffees come from Gimme and thus are very good. Pair yours up with a brown butter cookie."
    Tudor LeuTudor Leu · Janeiro 22, 2015
    · Brooklyn, Estados Unidos
    "Try one of their fancier pastries, like the mille-feuille-inspired one."
    Tudor LeuTudor Leu · Agosto 26, 2014
    · Paris, França
    "Everything looks amazing, but like most people I'd recommend the escargot. Also, the lard bread, though I don't know how it's called in French."
    Tudor LeuTudor Leu · Agosto 26, 2014
    · Paris, França
    "Great space, delicious pastas and pizzas, as well as a good selection of antipasti. Get the special pizza - Luzzo's BK."
    Tudor LeuTudor Leu · Janeiro 12, 2014
    · Brooklyn, Estados Unidos
    "Friends coming over but no time to cook dinner? Grab a roasted chicken, hide it in the oven at home, put on your apron and look like a pro when you take it out for your guests!"
    Tudor LeuTudor Leu · Novembro 11, 2013
    · Brooklyn, Estados Unidos
    "Beautiful space, and the meal is enjoyable even if you can't get a seat at the sushi bar. Lots of great sushi pieces, a couple a bit too bold with extra spice and flavors. Worth it though!"
    Tudor LeuTudor Leu · Setembro 26, 2013
    · Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos