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Epicurean 🗼dventures

Epicurean 🗼dventures

Passion: travel✈🚄🗼🏯🖼🎢, food🍝🍗🌮🍤🍰☕🍷🍾, shopping🛍👝💳...and everything that enriches life!😎🎉🎊 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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  • Taipei
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  • Bangrak
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  • George Town
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As principais cidades de Epicurean
Kuala Lumpur
4 Listas criadas! · 65 Dicas
3 Listas criadas! · 38 Dicas
3 Listas criadas! · 37 Dicas
Petaling Jaya
3 Listas criadas! · 28 Dicas
3 Listas criadas! · 17 Dicas
2 Listas criadas! · 8 Dicas
George Town
3 Listas criadas! · 7 Dicas
Pathum Wan
3 Listas criadas! · 6 Dicas
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Epicurean 🗼dventures
18 locais atualizados Dezembro 18, 2018
18 lugares incluindo 台中市第四信用合作社, 官芝霖大腸包小腸, 沁園春, 春水堂人文茶館 Chun Shui Tang Cultural Tea House
Epicurean 🗼dventures
13 locais atualizados Dezembro 22, 2018
13 lugares incluindo 20號倉庫 Art Stock 20, Gaomei Wetlands, Rainbow Village, 柳川藍帶水岸
Epicurean 🗼dventures
13 locais atualizados Novembro 30, 2018
13 lugares incluindo 向山遊客中心, 文武廟後山公園, Xiangshan Scenic Outlook, Sun Moon Lake (National Scenic Area) (日月潭 (國家風景區)
Epicurean 🗼dventures
3 locais atualizados Novembro 27, 2018
3 lugares incluindo Taroko Gorge, Taroko National Park, 太魯閣遊客中心 Taroko Service Center
Epicurean 🗼dventures
190 locais atualizados Agosto 4, 2019
190 lugares incluindo 老芋仔芋頭酥, 海真私房菜(復興店), 佐佧比薩, 藍家割包
Epicurean 🗼dventures
112 locais atualizados Dezembro 27, 2018
112 lugares incluindo 臺北天后宮 Taipei Tianhou Temple, 貓空 MaoKong, Fort San Domingo, Linjiang Street Night Market
    Dicas recentes de Epicurean
    "Not quite🇰🇷.Apparently recipes were altered 2suit local tastes.D spicy,garlic,& cheese sauce were mediocre@best.🐤not bad though - they're crispy & juicy.Savior of d nite - Bulgogi Spicy Rice Burger"
    Epicurean 🗼dventuresEpicurean 🗼dventures · Outubro 22, 2020
    Frango Frito
    · menjalara, Malásia
    "Authentic Penang street food made by Penangites.On our 1st visit today,we had:CKT,White Curry Mee,Chee Cheong Fun,& Lobak.Our fav:D Curry Mee.D others r good2 by KL std.Proprietor is super friendly."
    Epicurean 🗼dventuresEpicurean 🗼dventures · Outubro 10, 2020
    · Kuala Lumpur, Malásia
    "One word - AWFUL! So bad it's not worth my time giving a review."
    Epicurean 🗼dventuresEpicurean 🗼dventures · Outubro 4, 2020
    Frutos do Mar
    · Petaling Jaya, Malásia
    "Ideal place 2come 4small meals.Cozy.Quiet in d afternoon.From d cashier,2server,2d owner,every1 was friendly.But most importantly,d food - Sig Salmon🥪,& Mentaiko Salmon & Avocado Rice bowl r both😋👍"
    Epicurean 🗼dventuresEpicurean 🗼dventures · Setembro 19, 2020
    · Petaling Jaya, Malásia
    "My cousin was raving about it so we decided 2give it a try.IMHO,only steamed fish & fried crab meat were👍.D rest just so-so.2much MSG cos we all felt really thirsty afterwards.Svc👍Ambience👍Price👎"
    Epicurean 🗼dventuresEpicurean 🗼dventures · Setembro 16, 2020
    "By far our fav hotpot restaurant.Amongst 5types of soup base,mala,beauty collagen,& pork bone soups r d most flavorful.Crayfish dish & dessert 2r lip-smacking delicious.Overall👍👍4ambience,svc,food."
    Epicurean 🗼dventuresEpicurean 🗼dventures · Setembro 13, 2020
    · Kuala Lumpur, Malásia