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Steven Lehrburger

Steven Lehrburger


Making the Internet more like the real world and the real world more like the Internet.

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San Francisco
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Steven Lehrburger
10 locais atualizados Agosto 16, 2017
10 lugares incluindo Slippbarinn, Harpa, Extreme Iceland Travel Agency, Elding Whale Watching
Steven Lehrburger
46 locais atualizados Novembro 10, 2021
46 lugares incluindo Calmac Ferry Terminal, Harris Tweed Shop, Neist Point, Skyeskyns
Steven Lehrburger
3 locais atualizados Fevereiro 2, 2016
I have a few old favorites I want to take Elizabeth, but let me know what's new and not to be missed!
Steven Lehrburger
93 locais atualizados Novembro 28, 2021
(This is just a manually categorized grouping of thing I want to do at places I want to visit, so I can't vouch for these things. Follow some of my other lists instead!)
Steven Lehrburger
1 locais atualizados Novembro 23, 2011
If I'm going to a bar with friends, I'm going to spend time with them, and not to be distracted by a brightly-glowing flatscreen on the wall. This is is a list of bars that are chill, but stay classy.
Steven Lehrburger
5 locais atualizados Janeiro 12, 2013
5 lugares incluindo Katz's Delicatessen, Veselka, Park Avenue Liquor Shop, Bender Room
    Dicas recentes de Steven
    "In this café designed by Wes Anderson, the details – swivel-tray lounges, shelf perches with USB ports, thorough sandwich permutations – make one feel like an extra in a film directed by Wes Anderson."
    Steven LehrburgerSteven Lehrburger · Maio 22, 2019
    · Milão, Itália
    "The menu says the Yardbird is "one of the top 3 BEST SANDWICHES IN AMERICA" and I don't disagree."
    Steven LehrburgerSteven Lehrburger · Janeiro 16, 2019
    · Detroit, Estados Unidos
    "Bring a group of friends here for a drink. Wait until someone compares it to a labyrinth. Ask, with a straight face, "Don't you mean la-BAR-inth?""
    Steven LehrburgerSteven Lehrburger · Janeiro 8, 2019
    · Praha 1, República Checa
    "Too crowded? Concourse A actually has *three* Delta Sky Clubs! The others are at the tram stops above Gates 18 and 68, and they'll be much less busy."
    Steven LehrburgerSteven Lehrburger · Janeiro 6, 2019
    · Romulus, Estados Unidos
    "The dinosaur footprints can be hard to find, so stand where I’m standing (where they were standing) and look down."
    Steven LehrburgerSteven Lehrburger · Maio 28, 2017
    Pico de Surfe
    · Staffin, Reino Unido
    "The spray is unrelenting, so bring swim goggles and gaze with eyes wide up at the majesty of the Falls."
    Steven LehrburgerSteven Lehrburger · Agosto 31, 2016
    Vista Panorâmica
    · Niagara Falls, Estados Unidos