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Sabrina Haines

Sabrina Haines


List-oriented, sarcastic, fun-loving trade show planner that likes travel, history, music, sports and is hunting for the weirdest places on the planet.

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  • Clermont
  • Orlando
  • Tampa
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • New Orleans
  • Winter Garden
  • Asheville
  • Winter Park
  • New York
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1 Lista criada · 11 Dicas
Fort Lauderdale
1 Lista criada · 8 Dicas
New Orleans
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Winter Garden
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Winter Park
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New York
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Sabrina Haines
1 locais atualizados Agosto 4, 2014
1 lugar incluindo Meshuggah Café
Sabrina Haines
196 locais atualizados Fevereiro 14, 2020
This is a road trip that I am planning where we go to see all the Revolutionary War sites along the east coast of the US.
Sabrina Haines
11 locais atualizados Abril 25, 2015
11 lugares incluindo Stinky's Fish Camp, Blue Grotto, Dunedin Brewery, Poe's Tavern
Sabrina Haines
7 locais atualizados Junho 13, 2013
7 lugares incluindo Cupnoodles Museum, Haisha - Art House Project, Chichu Art Museum, Terminal 2
Sabrina Haines
5 locais atualizados Maio 20, 2014
5 lugares incluindo Mac's Speed Shop, Wicked Weed Brewing, The Omni Grove Park Inn, French Broad Chocolate Lounge
Sabrina Haines
134 locais atualizados Maio 15, 2015
The old Bucket List
    Dicas recentes de Sabrina
    "For people with gluten issues, they make a green style burger which wrapping it in iceberg lettuce as opposed to a roll. I'm just not a big fan of Iceberg. Very accommodating staff."
    Sabrina HainesSabrina Haines · Janeiro 14, 2017
    · Fort Lauderdale, Estados Unidos
    "Everything is gluten free and good!"
    Sabrina HainesSabrina Haines · Janeiro 14, 2017
    Sem Glúten
    · Fort Lauderdale, Estados Unidos
    "Great soups, salads and sandwiches in a cute, quirky decor. One of my favorite restaurants."
    Sabrina HainesSabrina Haines · Julho 7, 2016
    · Wichita, Estados Unidos
    "Love the Doc Fruity greens salad."
    Sabrina HainesSabrina Haines · Julho 7, 2016
    · Wichita, Estados Unidos
    "Quite possibly, this might be the most pleasant airport in the US - great staff and friendly, expedient TSA staff."
    Sabrina HainesSabrina Haines · Julho 7, 2016
    · Wichita, Estados Unidos
    "This is a great gathering spot - a friend used it for his wedding reception and I know it's also been used for conventions and parties."
    Sabrina HainesSabrina Haines · Dezembro 17, 2015
    Espaço de Eventos
    · Orlando, Estados Unidos