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Xavier Ramirez

Xavier Ramirez


Social media geek & community manager in the music industry. Music Isn't A Business... It's An Inalienable Right

Los Angeles, CA · Superuser icon?Nível Superusuário 1
  • 76 Dicas
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  • Los Angeles
  • Oceanside
  • West Hollywood
  • Encinitas
  • San Francisco
  • North Hollywood
  • Van Nuys
  • Quincy
  • Tel Aviv
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As principais cidades de Xavier
Los Angeles
3 Listas criadas! · 48 Dicas
2 Listas criadas! · 9 Dicas
West Hollywood
3 Listas criadas! · 4 Dicas
2 Listas criadas! · 3 Dicas
San Francisco
2 Listas criadas! · 2 Dicas
North Hollywood
2 Listas criadas! · 2 Dicas
Van Nuys
2 Listas criadas! · 2 Dicas
2 Listas criadas! · 2 Dicas
Tel Aviv
1 Lista criada · 2 Dicas
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Xavier Ramirez
13 locais atualizados Março 1, 2016
13 lugares incluindo Bluestem Brasserie, El Cóndor, Los Balcones del Peru, Night + Market Song
Xavier Ramirez
52 locais atualizados Dezembro 24, 2013
52 lugares incluindo Spitz: Home of the Doner Kabab, kushtown, Cinespia, Morning Thunder
Xavier Ramirez
196 locais atualizados Maio 14, 2017
196 lugares incluindo Jones Hollywood, V Cafe, Benny HaDayag, Alpinestars
Xavier Ramirez
93 locais atualizados
93 lugares incluindo Echoplex, The Thirsty Crow, The Echo, The Satellite
Xavier Ramirez
238 locais atualizados
238 lugares incluindo Seongbukdong, isadore electronics, Papa Jake's, Sunset Beer Company
    Dicas recentes de Xavier
    "Dinette... The Squirl of Echo Park (referring to the inevitable line). I love both but the line......"
    Xavier RamirezXavier Ramirez · Dezembro 14, 2014
    Café da manhã
    · Los Angeles, Estados Unidos
    "Very nice people here. Adjusted my glasses bc of riding my bike in the heat... Kept falling... Off... My... Face."
    Xavier RamirezXavier Ramirez · Abril 12, 2014
    · Los Angeles, Estados Unidos
    "Southern Brix Benedict. Boom goes the corn bread chile verde dynamite."
    Xavier RamirezXavier Ramirez · Março 1, 2014
    · Portland, Estados Unidos
    "Luke is very serious about his coffee and you can taste it! He roasts his own beans and is a licensed Q-grader. I'm glad I found some quality cold brew near the office."
    Xavier RamirezXavier Ramirez · Dezembro 10, 2013
    · Los Angeles, Estados Unidos
    "Chile torreados: Officially. The hottest thing. I've ever eaten. I couldn't even swallow one bite. Out of body spicy experience. My body and extremities tingling/numb. Homer J Simpson insanity pepper."
    Xavier RamirezXavier Ramirez · Novembro 23, 2013
    · Los Angeles, Estados Unidos
    "Ruben Salazar was a Mexican-American journalist killed by a LA County Sheriff's deputy during the National Chicano Moratorium March against the Vietnam War on August 29, 1970."
    Xavier RamirezXavier Ramirez · Novembro 5, 2013
    · Los Angeles, Estados Unidos