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Professor Twain 🚬🚬⚾⚾

Professor Twain 🚬🚬⚾⚾


College professor and Cuban cigar lover. I enjoy the best in life. Fourquare is a great place to learn. I follow people who will help me find hidden treasures.

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  • Clearwater
  • Tampa
  • Safety Harbor
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Dunedin
  • Baltimore
  • Palm Harbor
  • Largo
  • Temple Terrace
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Safety Harbor
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Saint Petersburg
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Palm Harbor
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Temple Terrace
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Professor Twain 🚬🚬⚾⚾
26 locais atualizados Julho 23, 2015
Places that don't receive a lot of publicity. But when you find them, you want to shout out loud and tell your friends about them.
Professor Twain 🚬🚬⚾⚾
10 locais atualizados Julho 5, 2015
Tampa was the "Cigar Capital of the World". History http://www.cigarsoftampa.com/history.html & pics of factories https://gatorpreservationist.wordpress.com/2011/05/14/tampas-cigar-factories-part-1/
Professor Twain 🚬🚬⚾⚾
19 locais atualizados Julho 23, 2015
The cigar related places in the world I would love to visit. I've been to a few and may go to a few more as my life unfolds.
Professor Twain 🚬🚬⚾⚾
5 locais atualizados Março 6, 2015
This list is for places that allow smoking, but don't allow cigar smoking. How dumb is that? Cigarettes smell like ass.
Professor Twain 🚬🚬⚾⚾
6 locais atualizados Dezembro 17, 2012
AAA Durham Bulls, AA Montgomery Biscuits, HiA Charlotte Stone Crabs, LoA Bowling Green Hot Rods, Short Season A Hudson Valley Renegades, Rookie League Princeton Rays. Rookie GCL Rays play in Charlotte
Professor Twain 🚬🚬⚾⚾
39 locais atualizados Março 6, 2016
My personal list of favorite restaurants. To make my list they've got to have tasty, distinctive food. I've been to each place at least twice & want to go back again.
    Dicas recentes de Professor
    "Private business, super food. Cuba at its best."
    · Havana, Cuba
    "What a treat! Traditional Cuban food, gracious service, and lovely atmosphere."
    · Havana, Cuba
    "Very nice and creative food. Kale salad and lamb sandwich were amazing!"
    Pub Gastronômico
    · Clearwater, Estados Unidos
    "Pretty good beatable beef soup!"
    · Manchester, Estados Unidos
    "Tasty healthy smoothies available!"
    Casa de Smoothies
    · Temple Terrace, Estados Unidos
    "Lots of tasty spicy food"
    · Tampa, Estados Unidos