Sawada is one of Tokyo.

1. Sawada

銀座5-9-19 (MCビル 3F), Tóquio, 東京都
Casa de Sushi · 銀座 · 10 dicas e avaliações
Shinjuku Golden-gai is one of Tokyo.

2. Shinjuku Golden-gai

新宿区, 東京都
Bairro · 65 dicas e avaliações

Jeffrey K.Jeffrey Kao: A bit touristy, but still a very cool vibe. Pick a random bar and tell the bar owner about your woes.

TRUMP ROOM is one of Tokyo.


神南1-12-14 (星ビル 3F), Tóquio, 東京都
Casa de Shows · 神南 · 7 dicas e avaliações
Robot Restaurant is one of Tokyo.

4. Robot Restaurant

歌舞伎町1-7-1 (新宿ロボットビル B2F), Tóquio, 東京都
Restaurante Temático · 歌舞伎町 · 158 dicas e avaliações

DensDens: Yes, full of tourists. And yes, every one of your friends told you to go here. It's batshit crazy in a way you won't see batshit crazy in the US. Maybe get super cranked before you go.

Kikanbo is one of Tokyo.

5. Kikanbo

(カラシビ味噌らー麺 鬼金棒)
鍛冶町2-10-9, 千代田区, 東京都
Restaurante de Ramen · 104 dicas e avaliações

DensDens: This was rec'd to me as Best Ramen in Tokyo & it didn't disappoint. You order with 2 variables -- spicyness (I went 2 of 4) and numbing (I went 3 of 4). Numbing is amazing (& I'd rec'd going 4 of 4)

Udon Yamacho is one of Tokyo.

6. Udon Yamacho

(うどん 山長)
恵比寿1-1-5 (恵比寿オークビル 1F), Tóquio, 東京都
Restaurante de Udon · 恵比寿 · 89 dicas e avaliações

Zack S.Zack Sheppard: Without exaggeration or contest, the beef curry udon was the best bowl of udon I have ever eaten in my life, and a top 10 soup overall.

Oniyamma is one of Tokyo.

7. Oniyamma

西五反田1-6-3, Tóquio, 東京都
Restaurante de Udon · 五反田 · 125 dicas e avaliações

Hide K.Hide Kawano: My God it's good! Blew me away by a mile(ง'̀⌣'́)ง highly recommended if you're in a mood for some damn good bowl of udon.

Bar Trench is one of Tokyo.

8. Bar Trench

恵比寿西1-5-8 (1F), 渋谷区, 東京都
Bar de Coquetéis · Shibuya, Tokyo, Tōkyō · 47 dicas e avaliações
Sushi Bar Yasuda is one of Tokyo.

9. Sushi Bar Yasuda

南青山4-2-6 (南青山426 B1F), Tóquio, 東京都
Casa de Sushi · 青山 · 29 dicas e avaliações
PATH is one of Tokyo.

10. PATH

富ヶ谷1-44-2 (A-FLAT 1F), 渋谷区, 東京都
Bistrô · 22 dicas e avaliações
Ginza Kagari is one of Tokyo.

11. Ginza Kagari

(銀座 篝)
銀座4-4-1 (銀座Aビル 1F), Tóquio, 東京都
Restaurante de Ramen · 銀座 · 113 dicas e avaliações

Jeffrey K.Jeffrey Kao: If you've never had Chicken-based Ramen before, this is the spot.

Seirinkan is one of Tokyo.

12. Seirinkan

上目黒2-6-4, Tóquio, 東京都
Pizzaria · 上目黒 · 56 dicas e avaliações

DensDens: Long story short: My buddy said this was the best pizza in the world. I doubted him. I was wrong. Best pizza I've ever had. Get the margarita pizza, skip the marinara. You need the cheese.

AFURI is one of Tokyo.


恵比寿1-1-7 (117ビル 1F), Tóquio, 東京都
Restaurante de Ramen · 恵比寿 · 157 dicas e avaliações

qwertneyqwertney: yuzu ratanmen. just the right amount of spice. yum.