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      Pier A Harbor HouseAgosto 26
      Pub Gastronômico
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      Several house cocktails, such as the Clock Tower Sour and the Lazarus, were punch-bowl sweet, but the gingery Dark and Stormy on tap had some razzmatazz. Leia mais

      Expert em Pubs
      2 Salvas
      Little ParkAgosto 26
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      How is it that the tomatillos, tossed with white cabbage and cilantro, sitting quietly at the side of a house-made-duck-sausage banh mi, taste like such sweet, healthy candy? Leia mais

      Expert em Restaurantes Americanos
      3 Salvas
      The Black AntAgosto 20
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      Unless you know the Spanish word chapulín, you may not realize that the shrimp tacos are battered and fried in a crust of grasshoppers, creating a deliciously recursive arthropod. Leia mais

      Expert em Restaurantes Mexicanos
      2 Salvas
      Raccoon LodgeAgosto 20
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      Bankers, writers, ponytailed tough guys, women in tight pants, men with braids like Axl Rose: everybody sits side by side, drinking their fireballs and Honker’s Ale. Leia mais

      Expert em Bares
      4 Salvas
      SHUKOAgosto 6
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      Out comes a parade of sushi, though the chefs identifying their creations don’t always make themselves heard over Drake or Jay Z. Guessing games ensue: “Did he say scallop sperm?” Leia mais

      Expert em Restaurantes Japoneses
      2 Salvas
      Lazy PointAgosto 6
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      A drink called Beets by Dre contained beet juice, gin, and rosemary—O.K. if borscht’s your thing; watch the white jeans. Leia mais

      Expert em Bares de Coquetéis
      1 Salva
      Matthew MarksJulho 30
      Galeria de Arte
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      Raising a salutary rumpus for summer’s dog days, the Matthew Marks gallery gives three locations over to “What Nerve! Alternative Figures in American Art, 1960 to the Present.” Leia mais

      Expert em Galerias de Arte
      2 Salvas
      Chomp ChompJulho 30
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      The eclectic assortment of dishes has influences from China, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Shrimp—whether whole or pulverized, fresh or fermented—is the great unifying taste. Leia mais

      4 Salvas
      Loosie RougeJulho 30
      • Brooklyn, Estados Unidos

      The most intoxicating elixir of all is the atmosphere, which, you suddenly realize, is homey and warm. Leia mais

      Expert em Bares de Coquetéis
      2 Salvas
      Rosie'sJulho 20
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      At dinner, "girls’-night posses descend for watermelon margaritas and guacamole. The waitresses wear short, calico-print dresses, and have the spirit of the unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt." Leia mais

      Expert em Restaurantes Mexicanos
      1 Salva
      Charlie Palmer at The Knickeditado Julho 20
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      "Order a champagne cocktail on a Tuesday night at the bar, and the spiral of lemon rind bobbing on the bubbles looks like it’s having more fun than the clientele." Leia mais

      Expert em Restaurantes Americanos
      1 Salva
      LupuloJulho 20
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      "To describe Lupulo as a beer bar would be misleading, not least because the beer here is as versatile as wine, carefully curated to be far-ranging, surprising, and unimpeachably interesting." Leia mais

      3 Salvas
      Threes BrewingJulho 6
      • Brooklyn, Estados Unidos

      "Threes combats short attention spans by having different restaurants occupy its kitchen for brief residencies, which, alongside the ever-changing beer menu, keeps things novel." Leia mais

      1 Salva
      Kings County DistilleryJulho 6
      • Brooklyn, Estados Unidos

      "On summer Fridays and Saturdays, in the pleasant garden of the Kings County Distillery, one can enjoy a mint julep or a John Collins (apologies to Tom—it has bourbon in lieu of gin)." Leia mais

      1 Salva
      The Four HorsemenJulho 6
      • Brooklyn, Estados Unidos

      "The atmosphere alone could be enough to warrant a visit: a burlap-walled, cedar-accented party hosted by a low-key, affable celebrity." Leia mais

      1 Salva
      Gaia Italian CafeJunho 18
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      At Gaia, "oven-baked dishes satisfy cravings for simple, homemade food, such as meatballs and potatoes generously dusted with Parmesan crumbles." Leia mais

      Expert em Restaurantes Italianos
      1 Salva
      Sid Gold's Request RoomJunho 3
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      Sarah Larson calls Sid Gold's an "elegant punk-and-pop piano bar, where you can sit in an alcove booth or on a barstool around the piano, drink Hemingway Daiquiris, eat clams casino, and perform..." Leia mais

      Expert em Bares
      3 Salvas
      Streetbird RotisserieJunho 2
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      Marcus Samuelsson's new place is "a lively, endearing but painfully unsubtle homage to Harlem through the decades, from the graffiti on the rafters to the sneakers dangling from the sprinkler system." Leia mais

      5 Salvas
      RebelleMaio 28
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      "Rebelle is one of those places that regard the wine with as much seriousness as the food." Leia mais

      Expert em Restaurantes Franceses
      3 Salvas
      The Happiest HourMaio 27
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      “The bar is a sort of baby Bungalow 8, or, as one patron described it, a place for 'young people skewing old and old people skewing young.'” Leia mais

      Expert em Bares de Coquetéis
      1 Salva