Akihabara Gamers is one of tokyo.

1. Akihabara Gamers

外神田1-14-7 (宝田ビル), Tóquio, 東京都
Artigos para Hobby · 秋葉原 · 37 dicas e avaliações
Tsukiji Market is one of tokyo.

2. Tsukiji Market

築地5-2-1, Tóquio, 東京都
Mercado · 築地 · 273 dicas e avaliações

naveennaveen: you only get once chance to see the tuna catches early in the morning (and to get kicked out promptly by security), but it's an experience you just have to add to your life to-do list

Marunouchi Hotel is one of tokyo.

3. Marunouchi Hotel

丸の内1-6-3, 千代田区, 東京都
Hotel · 10 dicas e avaliações

naveennaveen: the restaurant balcony high up is a great place to spend a little afternoon tea time catching up: free wifi and views of nihonbashi

BAR ALBATROSS is one of tokyo.


西新宿1-2-11 (思い出横丁 中通り), Tóquio, 東京都
Bar · 西新宿 · 26 dicas e avaliações

naveennaveen: memory lane makes me feel like i'm on the set of "in the mood for love"; rainy night, great to come here for a drink after grabbing a quick bite in the neighborhood

Pizzakaya is one of tokyo.

5. Pizzakaya

西麻布3-1-19 (第一小山ビル 2F), 港区, 東京都
Pizzaria · 13 dicas e avaliações

naveennaveen: if you're hanging out in roppongi and you miss a taste of home, you just have to come get pizza here! one of the first places in tokyo to have a foursquare special

パセラリゾーツ 六本木店 is one of tokyo.

6. パセラリゾーツ 六本木店

六本木5-16-3 (外苑東通り), Tóquio, 東京都
Karaokê Box · 六本木 · 5 dicas e avaliações
Roppongi Hills is one of tokyo.

7. Roppongi Hills

六本木6-10-1, Tóquio, 東京都
Shopping Center · 六本木 · 86 dicas e avaliações
Park Hyatt Tokyo is one of tokyo.

8. Park Hyatt Tokyo

西新宿3-7-1-2 (新宿パークタワー), Tóquio, 東京都
Hotel · 西新宿 · 121 dicas e avaliações

naveennaveen: a must-stay when in tokyo. pick up some food and drink on your way back and have a small party in the room with your friends.

Delicatessen is one of tokyo.

9. Delicatessen

西新宿3-7-1-2 (パークハイアット東京 1F), Tóquio, 東京都
Café · 西新宿 · 17 dicas e avaliações
New York Grill is one of tokyo.

10. New York Grill

西新宿3-7-1-2 (パークハイアット東京 52F), Tóquio, 東京都
Restaurante Americano · 西新宿 · 38 dicas e avaliações

naveennaveen: we picked the prix fixe but i think a better idea is to sit by the bar and order small plates. the views are out of this world (i hear the glass is treated in a way so as to avoid glare at night)

La Jetée is one of tokyo.

11. La Jetée

歌舞伎町1-1-8 (あかるい花園三番街), 新宿区, 東京都
Bar · 12 dicas e avaliações

naveennaveen: one of my most favorite places in the world (and one of my favorite movies to boot). tomoyo's has been running it for 34 years and, if you're lucky, she'll let you leave your bottle on the shelf

ALBATROSS G is one of tokyo.


歌舞伎町1-1-7 (ゴールデン街 5番街), 新宿区, 東京都
Bar · 20 dicas e avaliações

naveennaveen: one of my tokyo favorites. sister spot to the one in omoide.

Bar Ho is one of tokyo.

13. Bar Ho

南青山6-2-10 (バックボーンハウスB1), Tóquio, 東京都
Bar de Coquetéis · 青山 · 1 dica

naveennaveen: make sure to sit upstairs in the lofted back corner Leia mais.

A to Z Cafe is one of tokyo.

14. A to Z Cafe

南青山5-8-3 (equboビル 5F), Tóquio, 東京都
Café · 青山 · 39 dicas e avaliações
Golden Brown is one of tokyo.

15. Golden Brown

神宮前4-12-10 (表参道ヒルズ 3F), Tóquio, 東京都
Hamburgueria · 神宮前 · 27 dicas e avaliações
楽食酒 圓 is one of tokyo.

16. 楽食酒 圓

神宮前5-50-8 (青山KTビル B1), Tóquio, 東京都
Restaurante Japonês · 北青山 · 8 dicas e avaliações
Daiwa Sushi is one of tokyo.

17. Daiwa Sushi

築地5-2-1 (魚がし横丁6号館), Tóquio, 東京都
Casa de Sushi · 築地 · 92 dicas e avaliações

naveennaveen: the omakase is a fifteen-minute sprint of this fish and that fish. the chef will knife up pieces faster than you can count: and your only job is to eat and take it all in

Bar High Five is one of tokyo.

18. Bar High Five

銀座5-4-15 (エフローレギンザ5ビル B1F), Tóquio, 東京都
Bar de Coquetéis · 銀座 · 77 dicas e avaliações

naveennaveen: the hours will fly by as you sit and talk stories with Ueno-san. try the staples: bamboo cocktail, white lady and try the hard-to-find mars maltage too

Meiji Jingu Shrine is one of tokyo.

19. Meiji Jingu Shrine

代々木神園町1-1, Tóquio, 東京都
Santuário · 明治神宮 · 210 dicas e avaliações

Jon S.Jon Steinback: Go on a weekday day! There is nobody there and it's quite fantastic.

nikka blender's bar is one of tokyo.

20. nikka blender's bar

(ニッカ ブレンダーズ・バー)
南青山5-4-31 (ニッカウヰスキー本社ビル B1F), Tóquio, 東京都
Uisqueria · 西麻布 · 3 dicas e avaliações
Sushi Dai is one of tokyo.

21. Sushi Dai

築地5-2-1 (築地卸売市場6号館), Tóquio, 東京都
Casa de Sushi · 築地 · 96 dicas e avaliações
Daikanyama T-SITE is one of tokyo.

22. Daikanyama T-SITE

猿楽町16-15, 渋谷区, 東京都
Shopping Center · 45 dicas e avaliações
Tsutaya Books is one of tokyo.

23. Tsutaya Books

(代官山 蔦屋書店)
猿楽町17-5 (代官山T-SITE), 渋谷区, 東京都
Livraria · Daikanyama · 178 dicas e avaliações
Tokyo City View is one of tokyo.

24. Tokyo City View

(六本木ヒルズ展望台 東京シティビュー)
六本木6-10-1 (六本木ヒルズ森タワー 52F), 港区, 東京都
Vista Panorâmica · 38 dicas e avaliações
Conrad Tokyo is one of tokyo.

25. Conrad Tokyo

東新橋1-9-1, 港区, 東京都
Hotel · 60 dicas e avaliações
combine is one of tokyo.

26. combine

中目黒1-10-23 (リバーサイドテラス103), Tóquio, 東京都
Café · 中目黒 · 8 dicas e avaliações
Super Potato is one of tokyo.

27. Super Potato

(スーパーポテト 秋葉原店 レトロ館)
外神田1-11-2 (北林ビル 3F-5F), Tóquio, 東京都
Loja de Videogames · 外神田 · 48 dicas e avaliações

naveennaveen: Must-go: retro gaming mecca; bring yen to play the arcade games upstairs. Getting lost in Akiba & then stumbling into this spot was the moment that got me to quit my job to go off to start foursquare.

HIGASHI-YAMA Tokyo is one of tokyo.


東山1-21-25, Tóquio, 東京都
Restaurante Japonês · 上目黒 · 22 dicas e avaliações
Aman Tokyo is one of tokyo.

29. Aman Tokyo

大手町1-5-6 (大手町タワー 33F-38F), Tóquio, 東京都
Hotel · 大手町 · 16 dicas e avaliações
Saturdays Surf NYC is one of tokyo.

30. Saturdays Surf NYC

青葉台1-5-2 (代官山IVビル 1F), Tóquio, 東京都
Loja de Roupas · 青葉台 · 17 dicas e avaliações
nanamica is one of tokyo.

31. nanamica

猿楽町26-13, 渋谷区, 東京都
Loja de Roupas · 2 dicas e avaliações
Blue Bottle Coffee is one of tokyo.

32. Blue Bottle Coffee

南青山3-13-14 (増田ビル 2F), Tóquio, 東京都
Cafeteria · 青山 · 82 dicas e avaliações
Omotesando Koffee is one of tokyo.

33. Omotesando Koffee

神宮前4-15-3, Tóquio, 東京都
Cafeteria · 神宮前 · 138 dicas e avaliações
BAR Gen Yamamoto is one of tokyo.

34. BAR Gen Yamamoto

麻布十番1-6-4 (アニバーサリービル 1F), Tóquio, 東京都
Bar de Coquetéis · 麻布 · 35 dicas e avaliações
King George is one of tokyo.

35. King George

代官山町11-13, 渋谷区, 東京都
Sanduicheria · 25 dicas e avaliações
Seirinkan is one of tokyo.

36. Seirinkan

上目黒2-6-4, Tóquio, 東京都
Pizzaria · 中目黒 · 49 dicas e avaliações
Rokurinsha is one of tokyo.

37. Rokurinsha

丸の内1-9-1 (東京駅一番街 B1F 東京ラーメンストリート), 千代田区, 東京都
Restaurante de Ramen · 145 dicas e avaliações
Café Kitsuné is one of tokyo.

38. Café Kitsuné

南青山3-17-1 (1F), Tóquio, 東京都
Café · 青山 · 93 dicas e avaliações
Bohemian Nishiazabu is one of tokyo.

39. Bohemian Nishiazabu

2-10-13 Nishi-azabu, Tóquio, 東京都
Restaurante Japonês · 西麻布 · 3 dicas e avaliações
Found MUJI is one of tokyo.

40. Found MUJI

神宮前5-50-6 (中島ビル 1F-2F), Tóquio, 東京都
Loja de Artigos Diversos · 北青山 · 18 dicas e avaliações
Nigel Cabourn, THE ARMY GYM Flagship Store is one of tokyo.

41. Nigel Cabourn, THE ARMY GYM Flagship Store

Butique · 青葉台 · Nenhuma dica ou avaliação
Map Camera is one of tokyo.

42. Map Camera

(マップカメラ 本館)
西新宿1-12-5 (ぶらんしぇビル), Tóquio, 東京都
Loja de Câmeras · 西新宿 · 14 dicas e avaliações
レモン社 銀座教会店 is one of tokyo.

43. レモン社 銀座教会店

銀座4-2-1 (銀座教会堂ビル 8F), Tóquio, 東京都
Loja de Câmeras · 銀座 · 5 dicas e avaliações
すし藤森 is one of tokyo.

44. すし藤森

西麻布2-24-14 (サフヤ西麻布 1F), Tóquio, 東京都
Casa de Sushi · 西麻布 · 2 dicas e avaliações