Laura Kath

Laura Kath


Souls that loves to wonder around the world while collecting photographs.Suffers of an extreme addiction towards books. Takes advantage of this app to explore.

Ozone Park, NY
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New York
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Forest Hills
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Ozone Park
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Jackson Heights
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Laura Kath
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3 lugares incluindo A Capella Books, Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Party, The Carter Center
Laura Kath
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13 lugares incluindo J&C Delicias, Parque Lleras, Malevo Restaurante, Museo El Castillo
Laura Kath
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Laura Kath
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23 lugares incluindo Urban Kayaks, Cindy's, Joe and Rika Mansueto Library, Myopic Books
Laura Kath
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Laura Kath
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1 lugar incluindo Salto Socoa
    Dicas recentes de Laura
    "I wouldn't recommend this place if you are looking for authentic Colombian food. This is more of the americanized version of it. Portions are also smaller than I thought. Do order the big refajo!!"
    Laura KathLaura Kath · Julho 8, 2018
    · Brooklyn, Estados Unidos
    "La atención es el excelente! Se consiguen productos para tu pelo y se te aconseja exactamente lo que tu pelo necesita. RECOMENDADISIMO."
    Laura KathLaura Kath · Março 13, 2018
    Salão / Barbearia
    · Bogotá, Colômbia
    "This place offers a new variety of Colombian food. I'd recommend maicitos con carne but if you are not into butter ask them to remove it or you'll end up with butter soup. AND tostones are a must have"
    Laura KathLaura Kath · Fevereiro 28, 2016
    · Sunnyside, Estados Unidos
    "Good service. Limited options."
    Laura KathLaura Kath · Agosto 12, 2015
    · Estados Unidos
    "Cheap prices but come early because it can be MESSY."
    Laura KathLaura Kath · Agosto 12, 2015
    Loja de Departamentos
    · Ozone Park, Estados Unidos
    "Awesome tour options. PLEASE use the bathroom before coming here. The restrooms at this place are horrible and dirty. Too small for the average person, too dirty for use."
    Laura KathLaura Kath · Agosto 12, 2015
    Museu de História
    · Filadélfia, Estados Unidos