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      The Broken Shaker1 semana atrás
      • Miami Beach, Estados Unidos

      Broken Shaker often farms up its caipirinha—think pineapple, lime, and kale. Nutritious? Nah. But you do get a healthy buzz. Leia mais

      Alden & Harlow1 semana atrás
      • Cambridge, Estados Unidos

      Alden & Harlow in Cambridge cuts its rum-based Volcano with tomatillo and serrano. Leia mais

      Expert em Restaurantes Americanos
      Genuine Superette1 semana atrás
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      The Copper Mine (way up at the top) pairs gin with a carrot-parsnip-turmeric-and-more juice. Leia mais

      Upland1 semana atrás
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      This whole hen-of-the-woods mushroom presents some magical fungus harvested from deep inside the forest: a big dramatic blossom of ’shroom, deep-fried and crispy and flecked with snipped chives. Leia mais

      Expert em Restaurantes Americanos
      Superiority Burger1 semana atrás
      Vegetariano / Vegano
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      Superiority Burger, located in New York’s East Village, shatters the notion that meatless burgers are nothing more than frozen cardboard vessels for fungus or tofu. Leia mais

      High Lineeditado 3 semanas atrás
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      You’ll past art installations, beautiful landscaping of native plants and flowers as well as things not normally seen at eye level: billboards, water towers, people’s apartments. Stay for the sunset.

      Gray's Papayaeditado 3 semanas atrás
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      No matter what time of day it is, their juicy two-buck frank will take you back to the summer when you had your first.

      Booker and Dax at Ssämeditado 3 semanas atrás
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      They make drinks here with blowtorches and liquid nitrogen, but never at the expense of keeping their creations drinkable.

      LANVINeditado 3 semanas atrás
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      Three stories of luxury display Lanvin’s patent leather cap toe sneakers, sleek tailored wear, and next-level casual staples like T-shirts and leather jackets.

      Expert em Lojas de Roupas
      Lafayetteeditado 3 semanas atrás
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      You might feel like you’re in Paris: everything here is a little better-looking than you’re used to, the food coming out of the kitchen is traditional but expertly prepared.

      Expert em Restaurantes Franceses
      The NoMad Restauranteditado 3 semanas atrás
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      A destination in it’s own right with one of the city’s best cocktail bars in addition to the hotel’s restaurant, presided over by Eleven Madison Park’s Daniel Humm and Will Guidara.

      Expert em Restaurantes Americanos
      Del Postoeditado 3 semanas atrás
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      Chef Mark Ladner is quietly one of the best Italian chefs in the city, but Del Posto, a soaring, ultra-lavish spot in New York’s trendy Meatpacking District couldn’t seem less subtle.

      David Zwirner Galleryeditado 3 semanas atrás
      Galeria de Arte
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      From the legendary sexually perverse drawings of cartoonist R. Crumb to the dark psychologically charged paintings of Marlene Dumas, Zwirner continues to challenge the conventional high-art standards.

      J.Creweditado 3 semanas atrás
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      They’ll measure you up and get you in the perfect fit—and possibly hook you on a pair of Alden or Alfred Sargent shoes too.

      Expert em Lojas de Roupas
      Heartheditado 3 semanas atrás
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      The tasting menu here is no hushed event: it’s raucous and exciting and always straight-up satisfying.

      The Library at The NoMadeditado 3 semanas atrás
      Bar de Hotel
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      If the bar is too crowded, try snagging a seat at the adjoining Library, a room adorned with plush seating and books and an antique spiral staircase from France.

      Momofuku Ssäm Bareditado 3 semanas atrás
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      Pro-tip: The weekend lunch menu (think shrimp gorditas and fried duck dumplings) is one of the best brunch alternatives in Manhattan and it’s served during one of the easiest time to catch a table.

      1 Salva
      Saturdays Surf NYCeditado 3 semanas atrás
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      Grab a cup of La Colombe coffee while you peruse their line of graphic tees and casual wardrobe staples like chinos, buttondowns, and jackets. Oh yeah—you can actually buy surf gear here too.

      The Dead Rabbiteditado 3 semanas atrás
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      Downstairs you’ll find saw-dust-covered floors, craft beers on tap, and one of the country’s largest collections of Irish whisky.

      1 Salva
      The Standard, High Lineeditado 3 semanas atrás
      • Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos

      Upstairs you have the Boom Boom Room, whose views of the city is unparalleled, and Le Bain, perhaps the only place where you can gaze over Manhattan in a hot tub with a vodka tonic in your hand.