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Sugestões para Restaurante Asiático≠ar=Lower East Side Nova Iorque, NY perto de New York

    • 8.9
      East River Park (btwn 14th & Grand by East River), Nova Iorque
      • Compass

        Compass • Julho 24, 2013The East River Park has a waterside boardwalk, several baseball and soccer fields, playgrounds, and all sorts of picnic spots.

    • Category icon
      Estúdio de Ioga
      173 E 83rd St (at 3rd Ave.), Nova Iorque
      • Audrey T.

        Audrey T. • Janeiro 21, 2014Yo newbies: make sure you get set up by the door your first couple of classes. Also, Blayne is my favorite! But all the instructors are awesome and super welcoming!

    • Category icon
      980 Madison Ave (btwn 76th & 77th St), Nova Iorque
      • Lina Y.

        Lina Y. • Outubro 24, 2016Highly recommend Angela for brow waxing and Alex for deep tissue massages! I've been seeing them for a year and can't imagine going to anyone else in the city.

    • 8.5
      940 Madison Avenue (at E 74th St), Nova Iorque
      • Volponi L.

        Volponi L. • Julho 18, 2015Lotado, mas funciona. Tem acessórios no subsolo.

    • 8.4
      AçougueVer produtos
      139 2nd Ave (btwn E. 8th & 9th), Nova Iorque
      • Pete S.

        Pete S. • Julho 25, 2018Steaks are top notch quality! And their prepared foods, especially on the weekends, is a lazy person’s dream come true!

    • 7.8
      Trilha de Ciclismo
      South Ferry to 23rd Street (East River / FDR Drive), Nova Iorque
      • loran j.

        loran j. • Maio 1, 2015If you really want to open it up on your bike, thus is the place.

    • Category icon
      Academia / Ginástica
      145 Ludlow St, Nova Iorque
      • Ranu R.

        Ranu R. • Novembro 21, 2018Great tough workouts and encouraging coaches. Nice bathroom and showers. Love the circuits that they mix up each day. Watch out for the 60 min classes on Saturdays which will truly kick your ass.

    • 7.6
      525 Lexington Avenue At 49th Street, Nova Iorque
      • Jamie I.

        Jamie I. • Abril 8, 2018This mid-town location is perfect for doing just about anything in NYC. The rooms are small, but this historic building is clean and has exactly what you need. The hotel staff is exceptional!

    • 7.3
      Lanchonete Americana$$$$Exibir menu
      500 E 14th St (btwn 1st Ave and Ave A), Nova Iorque
      • Roxanne S.

        Roxanne S. • Janeiro 3, 2014It's hard to find great matzoh ball soup in the city, but they've nailed it. Eggs, hashbrowns and turkey bacon are all amazing too!!!

    • 7.2
      150 Delancey St, Nova Iorque
      • Rachel W.

        Rachel W. • Fevereiro 14, 2014Happy with my stay here. Booked through hotel tonight. Staff are really friendly and accommodating. Even gave us complimentary umbrellas to use in the rain. The hotel room was very clean.

    • 6.5
      Lanchonete Americana$$$$
      352 E 23rd St (btwn 1st & 2nd Ave), Nova Iorque
      • Hanoi M.

        Hanoi M. • Maio 2, 2013Try the Spinach Pie! And it comes with a Greek Salad. Yum!

    • 6.4
      181 E Broadway, Nova Iorque
      • Christine L.

        Christine L. • Janeiro 12, 2014Really good pizza for a reasonable price. Try the chicken bacon ranch and tomato!

    • 6.3
      Saúde e Beleza
      179 Ludlow St, Nova Iorque
      • IrmaZandl T.

        IrmaZandl T. • Março 30, 2017Daisy did an amazing job blowdrying my hair but all the sinks were clogged up which is gross

    • Category icon
      Academia / Ginástica
      244 E 14th St (2nd Avenue), Nova Iorque
    • Category icon
      Saúde e Beleza
      227 E 81st St, Nova Iorque
      • Celine M.

        Celine M. • Julho 18, 2016Licenders is the best place to get rid of this problem. They are sweet and so helpful. Makes a really not fun experience pleasant

    • ?
      Union Sq. E, Nova Iorque
      • Jon C.

        Jon C. • Setembro 26, 2011It's the little things that add up.

    • ?
      TrilhaVer preços
      Nova Iorque
    • ?
      Galeria de Arte
      306 W 37th St Fl 6 (8th Ave), Nova Iorque
      • Dusica K.

        Dusica K. • Setembro 30, 2011Cool exhibition openings w/good wine. Get on their email list!

    • ?
      213 E 7th St (btw Ave B & C), Nova Iorque
      • Jeremy C.

        Jeremy C. • Setembro 13, 2009drop your compostables off on Sundays between 8a and 5p!

    • Category icon
      169 Avenue C Frnt 12 (E 10th St), Nova Iorque
      • James L.

        James L. • Outubro 29, 2018$50 to the airports, plus toll if it's Newark.

    • 5.5
      Materiais de Escritório
      15 E 13th St (btw 5th Ave & University Pl), Nova Iorque
      • Solid G.

        Solid G. • Abril 17, 2013Author worked on printing my MFA thesis. From start to finish he was helpful & professional! I read all the reviews after I had my thesis printed. I got excellent service to say the least.

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