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    • 8.3
      Restaurante$$$$Exibir menu
      255 Main St, King of Prussia
      • Arindam

        Arindam • Novembro 13, 2017Great place with a great ambience! Do try The Bone whisky. It has bacon! Equally great is the Manhattan whisky. Appetizers: Fried Green Tomatoes, Devilish Eggs and Fried Perogies

    • 7.8
      212 S 12th St, Filadélfia
      • A7MAD ..

        A7MAD .. • 3 dias atrásAlmond croissant Napoleon and Mervilleux are delicious. The coffee is ok as I'm not fan with la Colombia coffee. The atmosphere was cozy and fabulous but it's hard to find places for more than 3 ppl.

    • 7.7

      3. SPiN

      Bar Esportivo$$$$
      211 S 15th St, Filadélfia
      • Ernesto T.

        Ernesto T. • Setembro 13, 2017Great space! The Philly Ping Pong Meetup meets here once a month 🏓

    • ?
      1216 Chesnut Street, Filadélfia
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