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Kelsey Schur

Kelsey Schur


There is a story here, somewhere.

San Leandro, CA
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  • Redding
  • Olympia
  • San Francisco
  • Palo Alto
  • Boston
  • Fremont
  • Pollock Pines
  • Seattle
  • Oakland
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As principais cidades de Kelsey
1 Lista criada · 4 Dicas
5 Dicas
San Francisco
3 Listas criadas! · 1 Dica
Palo Alto
1 Lista criada · 3 Dicas
3 Dicas
3 Listas criadas!
Pollock Pines
3 Dicas
3 Dicas
1 Lista criada · 2 Dicas
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Kelsey Schur
1 locais atualizados Maio 20, 2018
1 lugar incluindo Rio KISS Monster Mini Golf
Kelsey Schur
1 locais atualizados Novembro 14, 2015
1 lugar incluindo Peace Grove Look-Out
Kelsey Schur
1 locais atualizados Maio 24, 2015
1 lugar incluindo Orchard Supply Hardware
Kelsey Schur
6 locais atualizados Novembro 14, 2015
Pleasure to meet you, San Francisco! You're my new home. I think we're going to be best friends!
Kelsey Schur
5 locais atualizados Abril 19, 2015
Places we should check out while Eliza is visiting between study sessions, of course. an extremely important quest!: Kelsey wants a photo with her two favorite Russians next to a Russian Hill sign.
Kelsey Schur
22 locais atualizados Maio 19, 2015
Spots to check out near our lovely new home!
    Dicas recentes de Kelsey
    "Consistently scary, even at 8 AM. 😰🤷🏼‍♀️ But gas can be had here."
    Kelsey SchurKelsey Schur · Novembro 26, 2018
    Posto de Combustível
    · Oakland, Estados Unidos
    "Employees are very friendly and have a great sense of humor, which really takes the edge off of stressful visits."
    Kelsey SchurKelsey Schur · Agosto 30, 2015
    · San José, Estados Unidos
    "Bringing children? Please pack a backpack of activities and games that can be plugged into kids' headphones. People are concentrating on written tests inside and can't wear earbuds. Thanks!"
    Kelsey SchurKelsey Schur · Agosto 27, 2015
    · San José, Estados Unidos
    "Interesting, special focus Friday evening classes for $10!"
    Kelsey SchurKelsey Schur · Agosto 1, 2015
    Estúdio de Ioga
    · Redwood City, Estados Unidos
    "If California pollen is making you miserable, book a room with a steam room and breathe free! (until you go back outside)"
    Kelsey SchurKelsey Schur · Julho 27, 2015
    · Palo Alto, Estados Unidos
    "Bring your camera. Every vista is stunning!"
    Kelsey SchurKelsey Schur · Julho 16, 2015
    · Corralitos, Estados Unidos