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Stockholm #WeAreBack
Eken is one of Stockholm #WeAreBack.

1. Eken

Guldgränd 8, Estocolmo, Storstockholm
Restaurante · Mariatorget · 28 dicas e avaliações

ArnoldArnold: The outdoor terrace is really great! It's has a wonderful view over old town. It's has prefect music and with the summer sun it's one of the best terrace to drink a beer! Enjoy! #Ajax

Friends Arena is one of Stockholm #WeAreBack.

2. Friends Arena

Råsta Strandväg 1 (Arenastaden), Solna, Storstockholm
Estádio de Futebol · 39 dicas e avaliações

ArnoldArnold: Let this be the stadium where Ajax wins the UEFA Europa League Final 2017!! Let's go Ajax!!! #WeAreBack

Stortorget is one of Stockholm #WeAreBack.

3. Stortorget

Stortorget (Gamla Stan), Estocolmo, Storstockholm
Praça · Storkyrkan · 47 dicas e avaliações

ArnoldArnold: This small square has houses like we have back in Amsetrdam! And with the UEFA EL final on May 24 the fans of Ajax will feel at home here! #WeAreBack Go Ajax!

Cultur Bar & Restaurant is one of Stockholm #WeAreBack.

4. Cultur Bar & Restaurant

Österlånggatan 34 (at Järntorget), Estocolmo, Storstockholm
Enoteca · Storkyrkan · 19 dicas e avaliações

ArnoldArnold: This restaurant is perfect for charging tapas and enjoying great food! Go for the fried broccoli!!

5. Café Pascal

Norrtullsgatan 4 (Sandåsgatan), Estocolmo, Storstockholm
Café · Vasastaden · 155 dicas e avaliações

ArnoldArnold: Great place to lunch and they have great coffee too! They have outdoor seats as well! Enjoy!

Urban Deli is one of Stockholm #WeAreBack.

6. Urban Deli

Nytorget 4 (Skånegatan), Estocolmo, Storstockholm
Delicatéssen / Armazém · Östra Katarina · 185 dicas e avaliações

ArnoldArnold: It a really big restaurant with a lot of outdoor opportunities. The brunch menu is delicious; try the 🥑 & scrambled egg! 😋

Rolfs Kök is one of Stockholm #WeAreBack.

7. Rolfs Kök

Tegnérgatan 41, Estocolmo, Storstockholm
Restaurante Escandinavo · Södra Adolf Fredrik · 176 dicas e avaliações

Thanh T.Thanh Tran: Best place for lunch! Was in stockholm for a couple of days and went twice. Awesome meal at an amazing price. Must try!

Meatballs For The People is one of Stockholm #WeAreBack.

8. Meatballs For The People

Nytorgsgatan 30 (Kocksgatan), Estocolmo, Storstockholm
Restaurante Escandinavo · Östra Katarina · 141 dicas e avaliações

Philli.pe C.Philli.pe Casorla Sagot: I am going to be really serious. This is easily top 5 on the best restaurants I have ever been in SE. The atmosphere is amazing, the service is personalized and the meatballs well you can guess. 👌🏽

Mälarpaviljongen is one of Stockholm #WeAreBack.

9. Mälarpaviljongen

Norr Mälarstrand 64 (Polhemsgatan), Estocolmo, Storstockholm
Restaurante · Kungsholmen · 88 dicas e avaliações

Wouter V.Wouter Veenstra: Take a seat on the outer ponton water front on a sunny day to see the sun go down and enjoy all the beautiful boats passing by!

Barrels Burgers & Beer is one of Stockholm #WeAreBack.

10. Barrels Burgers & Beer

Stora Nygatan 20 (Yxsmedsgränd), Estocolmo, Storstockholm
Hamburgueria · Storkyrkan · 144 dicas e avaliações

J W.J W: Chocolate Crunch Burger!! A really nice and tasty dessert served as a burger! Great idea!

Kalf & Hansen is one of Stockholm #WeAreBack.

11. Kalf & Hansen

Mariatorget 2, Estocolmo, Storstockholm
Restaurante Escandinavo · Mariatorget · 86 dicas e avaliações

Noah W.Noah Weiss: Perfect spot for a healthy, affordable, organic lunch. Get the meatball open faced sandwich and a soup of the day to share. Eponymous for the famous chef and cookbook writer.

Indio Kitchen is one of Stockholm #WeAreBack.

12. Indio Kitchen

Kocksgatan 52, Estocolmo, Storstockholm
Restaurante Peruano · Östra Katarina · 40 dicas e avaliações

Niki L.Niki Lee: Really good sushi and the miso has a nice Peruvian twist, it's a must try.

AIFUR | krog & bar is one of Stockholm #WeAreBack.

13. AIFUR | krog & bar

Västerlånggatan 68b, Estocolmo, Storstockholm
Restaurante Escandinavo · Storkyrkan · 114 dicas e avaliações

Jenna A.Jenna Anderson: A must do when you're visiting Stockholm. The concept is so well thought out, and lots of the staff are part of the local Viking community. Excellent folk music, food and beer makes for a great time.

B.A.R. Blasieholmens Akvarium o Restaurang is one of Stockholm #WeAreBack.

14. B.A.R. Blasieholmens Akvarium o Restaurang

Blasieholmsgatan 4A, Estocolmo, Storstockholm
Frutos do Mar · Norrmalm · 105 dicas e avaliações

Renee T.Renee T: You point to what you want; either on ice or in the tank. Chefs put it aside with your table number & cook it how you like! No frills, super fresh, excellent seafood. Be sure to make a reservation.

Man in the Moon is one of Stockholm #WeAreBack.

15. Man in the Moon

Tegnérgatan 2 C (at Tulegatan), Estocolmo, Storstockholm
Pub Gastronômico · Norrmalm · 42 dicas e avaliações

Mats L.Mats Linander: 30+ beers on tap. Plenty more on bottle.

Sthlm Tapas is one of Stockholm #WeAreBack.

16. Sthlm Tapas

Torsgatan 55 (Karlbergsvägen), Estocolmo, Storstockholm
Casa de Tapas · Norrmalm · 7 dicas e avaliações
Skansen is one of Stockholm #WeAreBack.

17. Skansen

Djurgårdsslätten 49-51 (Djurgården), Stockholm, Södermanlands län
Museu · Djurgården · 199 dicas e avaliações
Non Solo Bar is one of Stockholm #WeAreBack.

18. Non Solo Bar

Odengatan 34 (Odenplan), Estocolmo, Storstockholm
Café · Norrmalm · 30 dicas e avaliações
Mellqvist Kaffebar is one of Stockholm #WeAreBack.

19. Mellqvist Kaffebar

Rörstrandsgatan 4, Estocolmo, Storstockholm
Café · Norrmalm · 107 dicas e avaliações
Chokladkoppen is one of Stockholm #WeAreBack.

20. Chokladkoppen

Stortorget 18, Estocolmo, Storstockholm
Café · Storkyrkan · 114 dicas e avaliações

Tim R.Tim R: Check out the artwork inside. Mostly,er, men in swimming trunks

Kaffekoppen is one of Stockholm #WeAreBack.

21. Kaffekoppen

Stortorget 20, Estocolmo, Storstockholm
Café · Storkyrkan · 49 dicas e avaliações

Jasmine S.Jasmine Seibold: Very cozy cafe in Gamla Stan. Try their delicious cinnamon buns, sandwiches and hot chocolate. Perfect for a december afternoon after a stroll through Gamla Stan.